40 Cheesy Pick Up Lines – Funny Phrases

Hilarious Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Will Definitely Make Your Crush Smile. Or be a little flirty or silly, these weirdly hilarious pick up lines may just give you an odd kind of charm. Funny jokes for kids from our genius jokers. Get your fill of knock knock jokes, animal jokes and dad jokes!

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Funny Phrases

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Funny Phrases

Back in the days when we all used to meet people in bars, folks heard plenty of cheesy pickup lines from patrons. And while most folks are meeting online these days, that doesn’t mean pick up lines are going away anytime soon.

Cheese Pick Up Lines

Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!

Are you O.K.? Because heaven’s a long fall from here.

Oh, those are shoulder blades, I thought they were wings.

Did it hurt? Woman: Did what hurt? When you fell out of heaven?

Excuse me, but I think I dropped something!!! MY JAW!!

Hi. I suffer from amnesia. Do I come here often?

Best Pickup Lines

When God said, “Let there be woman,” he created you.

Is your name Summer? ‘Cause you are HOT!

I suffer from amnesia. Do I come here often?

Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.

You don’t need car keys to drive me crazy.

Falling for you would be a very short trip.

Don’t stop! I don’t usually get to see the beauty in motion.

Best Sweet Pick Up Lines that are Cute and Romantic

Best Sweet Pick Up Lines that are Cute and Romantic

Romantic Pick Up Lines

If you aren’t decent, boyfriend, you’ll do until something decent comes along.’ Dolly in “China Seas” with Jean Harlow and Clark Gable. MGM 1935, directed by Tay Garnett.
Taken from movie China Seas

Your last name should be Campbells, cus your mmmm… GOOD

Tell me something, girl. Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?

Was that cannon fire, or is it my heart pounding?? Ilsa in “Casablanca “with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Warner Bros. 1942, directed by Michael Curtiz.
Taken from the movie Casablanca

The best bad pick-up lines – Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines for Girls

“Hi.” It seems obvious, but if you make a habit of being friendly across the board, you’ll find it easier to start a conversation with someone that really interests you. Sure, you might end up chit-chatting with some random guy you have no interest in, but meeting someone you like is equally possible. And why not hone your conversation skills in the meantime?

“Can you close my bracelet for me?” Or “Can you help with this crossword puzzle answer?” or any other plea for assistance. “A guy wants to feel like a provider,” says Copeland. “If he can be a hero in your eyes, even for a moment, it’ll make his day.” And that’s sure to ratchet up his interest in you, the one who made him feel that way.

Funny Pick Up Lines

Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?

Let’s play Pearl Harber, I lay down and you blow me to heaven ..

Is that dress felt? Would you like it to be?

I’m new in town, could I have directions to your house.

What’s a big girl like you doing in a small town like this.

You wanna come over to my house and play battleship. I can show you my destroyer.

Funny Phrases

Last time I saw a face like that it was hanging at the Hunter’s Lodge.

As much use as a trap door on a lifeboat.

She’s got a face like a picture – it needs hanging.

You’ve got about as much chance as finding a vegetarian pit bull terrier.

She’s had more pricks than a second-hand dartboard.

The best funny pick-up lines

Love Phrases

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved – loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

For you see, each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

The love we give away is the only love we keep.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Flirty

Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love,
time is eternity.

Mad in love sometimes make the lovers crazier and they start describing the world as if they have just found out about its beauty.

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone — but it takes a lifetime to forget someone

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Funny Catch Phrases

And why do they keep sending them to me?
“Teachers on You Can’t Do That On Television. Follows “Where does the school board find them?” ”

The balcony is closed.
“Roger Ebert or Gene Siskel on Siskel and Ebert and The Movies. Said at the end of each show by each one every other week.”

Believe it… or not.
“Narrator on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. The announcer said this after every segment in sort of a creepy tone of voice.”

Card SharksAnnouncers on Ace High! Deuce low! Call ‘em right and win the $.

You want me to get that?
“Benson on Soap. He said this whenever the doorbell would ring in the Tate mansion. Not real popular, but I remember it well. It was one of my favorite shows.”

Wheel of Fortune
“game show Wheel Of Fortune on I’d Like To Buy A Vowel Please.”

“Hi, my name is_____, if anyone is looking to make a mistake tonight.”

“Are you my last 1099 check? Because I want 100% of you.”

“Heard you like bad girls. Well, I’m bad at everything.” *blink instead of wink*

Funny Japanese Phrases

Konnichiwa. (kon-nee-chee-WAH)

How are you?
O-genki desu ka? (oh-GEN-kee dess-KAH?)

Fine, thank you.
Genki desu. (GEN-kee dess)

What is your name?
O-namae wa nan desu ka??(oh-NAH-mah-eh wah NAHN dess-KAH?)

My name is ____.
????? ____ ??? Watashi no namae wa ____ desu. (wah-TAH-shee no nah-mah-eh wa ____ dess)

Nice to meet you.
Hajimemashite. (hah-jee-meh-MOSH-teh)

Thank you.
D?mo arigat?. (doh-moh ah-ree-GAH-toh)

You’re welcome.
D? itashi mashite. (doh EE-tah-shee mosh-teh)

Hai. (HIGH)

Iie. (EE-eh)

Excuse me.
Sumimasen. (soo-mee-mah-sen)

I’m sorry.
Gomen-nasai. (goh-men-nah-sigh)

Best Tinder Pickup Lines

“I’m gonna sue Spotify for not including you in the ‘Hottest Singles of the Week’ list.”

“Are you a meme? Because I’d like to show you to my friends and then hope they like you as much as I do.”

“Redstone is red, Lapis is blue. I’d rather quit to main menu than respawn without you.”

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