145 Birthday Wishes for 3 Year Old Daughter (from Mom & Dad) – Happy Birthday Daughter

Happy Birthday Daughter: Birthday wishes for a 3-year-old girl might be hard to come by. Would you want to include kind words in her birthday card? All parents aspire to be recognized as the finest parents in the world. If they don’t fall short of showering their children with the most beautiful praise when it’s appropriate, this goal is possible. Especially on their special day, show your kids how much you care by showering them with kind words. Children’s birthdays deserve to be honored since they are unique occasions.

You’re planning a party for your 3-year-old daughter’s birthday to show her how much you care about her. On your daughter’s third birthday, you get the opportunity to tell her all of your hopes and dreams for her. If you’re looking for the best 3rd birthday wishes for a newborn girl from her parents, here are some of the best. Keep looking, because you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for! If you’re looking for the finest birthday wishes for a 3-year-old girl, you’ve come to the right place!

I couldn’t wait to express my kind wishes for you on this day, so, I waited all night just to wish you as early as now. You have nothing to worry about, especially as I’ve chosen to be your guardian angel for life. Happy third birthday, my beautiful daughter.

3rd Birthday Messages for My Daughter from father and mother

#1. This day is a celebration of the goodness of the lord over this wonderful 3-year-old daughter. May his greatness and power be revealed through you, happiest of your days my baby.

#2. Happy 3rd Birthday my cute girl, you are an amazing daughter and I’m glad to have you in my life. Cheers, my baby girl!

#3. Happy 3rd birth anniversary. I wish you a life full of love, blessed with friends, and saturated with hope. Kisses.

#4. Happy birthday, my little friend, I’m extraordinarily excited to celebrate this beautiful day with you and everyone else around you.

#5. This girl is a complete package of sweetness, cuteness, happiness, and love. You are a shining star in my life. Wishing you a happy 3rd birthday my little girl.

Birthday Wishes for 3 Year Old Daughter

#6. May you never lack the good things of life. May favour and grace envelop you. Happy 3rd birthday, sweetie.

#7. Happy 3rd birthday, angel. You’re the best version of yourself and always will be. I love you.

#8. Happy womb escape day. You’re 3 and already look like you’re ready to set the world on fire for good. I wish you all the peace and joy your heart can take.

#9. May this beautiful 3rd birthday be a celebration you’ll never forget? You are a blessing to me and everyone else around you. Enjoy to the fullest! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Prayers for My 3 Year Old Daughter and birthday pictures

#10. Looking at you, it’s easy to realize that so much has changed in these three years. Slow down, sweet girl. Happiest of all your days.

#11. I wish you the grace to live life like a princess without worries and pain. Happy 3rd birthday, angel.

#12. Dreams are important but a dream come true through you is a reason to thank God for everything. Happy Birthday, girl!

#13. I hope you’ll enjoy this day to the fullest. Happy 3rd Birthday my daughter. Live long to blow a million candles.

#14. I thank God for this opportunity I have to celebrate your birthday in good health and happiness. Cheers darling!

#15. Happy 3rd birthday, my darling. Be the best you can be. And I wish you the strength to be that and more. I love you.

#16. Happy 3rd womb escape day. May the stars align in your favour. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

#17. Happy 3rd cake day, my darling. I wish you overflowing happiness and favour. I love you.

#18. Happy 3rd cake-versary. May your new age gladden your innocent heart and strengthen your bones. I love you, dearest child.

#19. No matter how young you are, you are still an intelligent and beautifully growing scholar. Happy Birthday little one!

#20. We could hardly wait anymore for this day. I’m so excited to celebrate this beautiful girl’s birthday. Happy birthday, beautiful.

#21. Happy 3rd cake day, my love. May you have big dreams and bring them to pass. I adore you.

#22. Happy Birthday to the girl that gives me sleepless nights, nothing makes me happier than celebrating each milestone with you.

#23. Your electric smile is the most killer weapon. Have the best of your celebration darling. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Daughter’s 3rd Birthday Quotes

You don’t need to win a medal to make me proud. Just by being my little princess, I’m already proud of you even as you turn 3 this day, my darling. I hope you grow to be happy, confident, and loving. Wishing you the best the world has to offer. Happy 3rd birthday, my daughter

#25. You make the number three my favourite number. Happy third birth anniversary, my daughter.

#26. Tell me the type of cake you desire and you’ll get times three of it. Happy third birthday, princess.

Daughters 3rd Birthday Quotes and happy birthday messages

#27. You’ll always be surrounded by both motherly and fatherly love. I cherish you. Happy 3rd birthday, my darling.

#28. My princess is three today and the world couldn’t be more colourful. Happy birthday, my daughter.

#29. You brought a new flame of joy into my life. I owe you forever, darling child. Enjoy your jew age.

#30. I’m so happy you are my seed. Happy third birthday to my phenomenal three-year-old daughter.

#31. I am amazed by all the things you do at just three. Greater exploits shall you do. Happy birthday, love.

#32. I have found purpose and a reason to live life. All thanks to my daughter who turns today.

#33. Happy birthday to my dearest daughter who turns three today. May she witness many more years.

#34. I love you more than the expressions in my eyes. Happy 3rd womb escape day.

#35. You’ve stolen all of my heart. Now I’ll always love you unconditionally. It’s what I enjoy doing, my love. Happy 3rd cake day.

#36. Don’t worry about a thing cause mom is around. Happy 3rd birthday, my love.

#37. You’ll always be the one in the centre of my heart. Happy 3rd cake day, my darling.

#38. I’ll throw a royal birthday party for your sake cause you deserve everything and more, my princess.

#39. I am so blessed to have a child who clocks three today. Happy birthday, my beloved child.

#40. You are an amazing three-year-old child. Never stop being the joy of mummy and daddy.

#41. May you never suffer ill health. You shall live longer than your parents. Happy 3rd birthday, darling.

#42. This moment is the best time to be alive as I watch my daughter clock three, today.

#43. My daughter turns three today and the sun looks even more radiant. It’s such a beautiful time to be alive.

#44. Happy 3rd womb escape day. May this year make you shine the brightest so far and be the healthiest you’ve been.

#45. Make the world your stage and rule your world, dear child. Happy 3rd birthday, my darling.

#46. Happy third birthday to my favourite person in the world, my three-year-old daughter.

#47. I am so delighted today because my daughter turns three. Many more years shall she witness.

#48. I’ll always give you that special morning kiss. Happy 3rd birthday, my love. You make me super proud.

#49. My heart says always to world end, Happy 3rd birthday, my daughter

#50. You are my answered prayer and you came to perfect my world. Thank you for that. Happy birthday, princess.

#51. I may not be perfect but once I look at my daughter who turns today, I see a job well done.

#52. I always look forward to your birthday because it makes me feel double blessed. Happy 3rd cake day, my princess.

#53. I am so blessed to have a phenomenal child who is turning there today for a daughter. Happy birthday, my darling.

#54. Today, my little princess turns I love you for being an angel, sweet and irresistibly loving. I’ll always be here to protect you, guide you and steal your heart. Do have a blissful new age. I love you. Happy 3rd birthday, my daughter.

#55. Happy 3rd cake day, angel. May you have wings to fly and make the world a better place. I adore you.

#56. This lovely quote is for you, my little girl. I am proud you came into this world through us your parent. Thank you for bringing joy to my world. I hope your 3rd year is beautiful and delightful. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter.

#57. You have the cutest face with the kindest heart. Happy third-year birthday.

3rd Birthday Messages for My Daughter

You’re the best daughter in the world and you’ve got the star in you. Sometimes, I wish to have two of your kind. I’ll always wrap you in my arms whether you’re young or old. I adore you. Happy 3rd birthday, my daughter

#60. I will never turn my back against you, dear daughter. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

#61. My darling, you gave me a reason to live. May you never lose your life. You shall live old and fulfilled. Happy born day, princess.

#62. May your heart be devoid of envy and jealousy. Happy 3rd birthday, princess.

Birthday Wishes for 3 Year Old Daughter and birthday images

#63. I have confidence in you that you’ll make me a great father. Happy third birthday to my child.

#64. I will always be here for you at any given time. Happy birthday to my flesh and blood. I love you so much, my darling child.

#65. You gave me a reason to appreciate this life that I have. Happy 3rd birthday to my princess.

#66. I’ll give you more than pieces of jewellery. I will give you the best love in the world. Happy third birthday to my daughter.

#67. You shall stand out among many others in the world. Enjoy your new age.

#68. Your new age is blessed. You shall never experience pain as a child nor as an adult. I love you, baby. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#69. Everything will favour you. You shall always enjoy the mercies of God. Your new age is surely blessed, princess.

#70. You already made me proud when you decided to come into my life three years ago. For that, I say thank you. Happy birthday, beautiful.

#71. Gladly will I lay down my life for your sake. Happy birthday to my only daughter. Daddy loves you so much.

#72. May you achieve so many milestones at Happy birthday to my only child.

#73. I promise to treat you with kindness and love no matter what. Have a splendid third birthday, today.

#74. I am so blessed to be alive as my daughter clocks three on this day. Happy cake day, beautiful.

#75. I will be here to sing you your favourite song as you clock another jew age. Happy birth anniversary my beautiful one.

#76. You’re so easy to love, my baby girl. It’s hard to see you cry and I wish you do not have to cry for any reason. I’m proud to call you my own and I’ll always make you glad. Many happy returns of the day with good health and gratitude. Happy 3rd birthday, my love.

#77. Thank you for bringing so much light into my life. I can never repay you for that but I promise you a lifetime of love. Happy birthday, daughter.

#78. I don’t mind holding your hands to walk you around the sun for the years to come. Happy 3rd birthday, princess.

#79. Your joy shall always be true. You will leave a fulfilled life no matter what life throws at you. Happy 3rd birthday. I love you.

#80. I will always be there for you cause you changed my life for the best with your arrival three years ago. Happy birthday, my daughter.

Birthday Prayers for My 3-Year-Old Daughter

You have never made me feel less excited about being your parent. So I pray for you, as you are a year older today with all of my heart and strength that you will never lose your wonder, may you continue to shine and remain blessed. May God’s goodness and mercy follow you. Happy 3rd birthday, my daughter.

#83. My dear daughter, you rock my world and I’m so thankful. Happy 3rd birthday, sweetie. I’m so thankful to be blessed with your gentle smiles, kind eyes, and soft voice. I wish you a life of prosperity, health, and overwhelming love. I adore you, my princess.

#84. Your journey so far in life has been tremendous. May you continue to break new grounds. Happy 3rd birthday, princess.

#85. You have so much strength that amazes me. May you never grow weak. Happy 3rd birthday, my baby.

#86. My sweet love, your joy shall continually flow without a boundary. Enjoy your third birthday princess.

#87. You shall live your life doing good. Your abilities shall marvel every one around you. Happy third birthday, princess.

#88. You make me smile and be proud. Your children shall do so much more for you, my princess. Enjoy your third year on earth.

#89. You shall become a great person in life. You shall be full of virtues that are rare in today’s world. Happy birthday, daughter.

#90. Wherever you go to, favour shall be your companion. I love you, my 3-year-old princess.

#91. You shall accomplish so many phenomenal feats from now henceforth. Happy third birthday, baby.

#92. You shall continually be a source of joy to your parents. Love you, my princess. Wishing you many happy returns as you clock Cheers!

#93. Your love for others shall never diminish. It will continue to increase. Wishing the kindest 3-year-old princess I know a happy birthday.

#94. You shall beat records to break new grounds. Happy birthday, my dear three-year-old daughter.

#95. I’ll always be here for you. I pray the heavenly angels never abandon you. Happy 3rd birthday, beautiful one.

#96. My sweet princess, may the heavenly angels guide you and shine their radiant light on your path. Happy 3rd birthday, my baby.

#97. Fear and anxiety shall never rule your life. You shall live a peaceful and happy life. Happy birthday, princess.

#98. Everything about you shall be a blessing to you and the world at large. Happy 3rd birthday, my princess.

Birthday Wishes for 3 Year Old Daughter from Mom/Mother

Thank you for being in my world for the past 3 years. You have brought so much joy to me. Happy 3rd birthday, my love. I won’t stop being the best mom to you neither will I stop being your guidance angel. I wish you the best in life, my beautiful daughter.

My message may not be much but trust will be a memorable one. I want you to know that your mother is proud of you as you are getting older by the day. I’m loving the lovely daughter that you’re becoming. I only wish that you live long to always make me proud. I’ll raise you to be confident, happy, and forward-looking. Happy 3rd birthday, sweetie.

#102. You are the smartest three-year-old kid I know. Have a splendid birthday, beautiful.

#103. I’m a super mom because of you. May you be a super child to me and your dad. Happy birth anniversary.

#104. If I was to list all the things that make me happy at a gunpoint, I would choose you three times. Even as you grow this old, you will forever remain mom’s favorite.

#105. Without you, I wouldn’t be fulfilled. May you live a more fulfilled life, my dear three-year-old baby girl.

#106. Nothing shall be broken in your life rather you shall break new grounds. Happy third birthday, my princess.

#107. You made me the woman that I am, today. Happy third-year birthday, my princess.

#108. Without you mummy would have been miserable. May joy always be your portion. Happy birth anniversary, baby girl.

#109. I promise to bestow on you, undiluted love. Enjoy your new age, my lovely daughter. Always remember that you deserve everything beautiful.

#110. I promise to give you true love. Show you the purest kindness and lead you in the best way. Happy birthday, my three-year-old princess.

#111. As you mark your 3rd birthday, I pray that God will grant you wisdom, health, peace, and happiness throughout the year. Happiest of your days baby girl.

#112. When I’ve to count my blessings, I count you twice. You are a prayer well answered by God baby girl. Happy Birthday!

#113. May you keep matching on in life. Nothing shall stop your growth, my daughter. Enjoy your new age.

#114. I look forward to marking many fantastic birthdays with you. Happy birth anniversary, my princess.

#115. Science shows that time changes everything, but it hasn’t changed my love for you. Your 3rd birthday is just a fraction of many others that you’ll celebrate. Happy Birthday baby girl!

#116. As you celebrate this birthday, I wanted you to know that mom loves you so much and nothing can change this. Happy Birthday!

#117. Of all the places I wanted to be today, I knew I’ve to celebrate this day with you. Happy Birthday baby girl!

#118. Happy 3rd birthday, my love. You took all the shine there is in the sky today. I love you.

#119. Before you go to bed at night, I promise to plant a motherly kiss on your forehead. Happy third birthday, my princess.

#120. With you, I’m confident that I have done well. Happy birthday, baby girl. I love you truly.

#121. You are now growing faster and older. We love you so much and are amazed by your wisdom. Happy 3rd birthday baby girl!

#122. When you held my finger with your little fingers, I felt a strong feeling of love and happiness. As I now hold your hand as we take a walk, I confirm that the feeling hasn’t changed. Happy Birthday my darling.

#123. This birthday has helped me become the person I’m right now. You inspire me with your intelligence, your smiles, and your cuteness. Beautiful baby girl!

#124. Thank you for letting me be your mom. May you always give me many reasons to smile. Enjoy your third birthday, my child.

#125. Mom loves you, baby girl. There’s nothing as fulfilling as watching you grow from a few inches of being to this big and beautiful baby girl. Happy Birthday!

#126. I am so thrilled to have carried you in my womb. May you birth great dreams, my princess. Enjoy your third birthday.

#127. I understand everyone says this to you, but I know for sure you are destined for greatness. Just smile and make the best out of your days darling. Happiest 3rd Birthday.

#128. Thank you for teaching me how to become a great mum. Happy birthday to my awesome child.

Birthday wishes for 3 Year Old Daughter from Dad/Father

Ever since you made me a dad, life has been great. You are a year older today and I’m amazed at the beautiful daughter that you’re becoming. I wish you good health, wisdom for living, and all the happiness in the world. Happy 3rd birthday, my love.

#131. Your 3rd birthday is a special day for me. Not just because it’s your birthday but because it’s your first day to pronounce ‘’Worcestershire’’ Happy Birthday my darling.

#132. From a loving father to a loved daughter, happy 3rd birthday. I thank God for giving me such a precious gift in my life. Happy Birthday baby girl.

#133. There’s something about you my princess that makes me want to give you the world. I promise you to never leave your side. Happy third birthday, my child.

#134. Wherever you go, you shall find favour. Happy womb escape day, my lovely child.

#135. You are the daughter of a king. You shall never lack anything good. Hally third birthday to my sweet princess.

#136. May this day be a preparation for greater happiness in the future? May you grow older, wiser, and cuter? Happy Birthday baby girl!

#137. Without you, my daughter, I wouldn’t know what it means to be a great father. Happy birthday to my beloved child.

#138. You are a gift that every parent would want in their lives. You will forever remain mom’s favorite. Happiest Birthday darling!

#139. A proud father is wishing a special little princess the happiest 3rd Birthday. As you grow to become a woman of purpose, I pray for God’s protection, love, and guidance. Happy birthday my little princess.

#140. May your pursuit of excellence make all your dreams achievable? Have a great day baby girl.

#141. May you live long and in good health and joy. Enjoy the rest of your life, princess.

#142. I am so contented having you as my first child. May you lead in every good thing in life. Happy birth anniversary, my love.

#143. A birthday comes once in someone’s life, but you are born in my heart every day. Happy Birthday baby girl!

#144. You are so special to me baby girl. You are a beautiful creature both internally and externally. Happy Birthday baby girl!

#145. There are three heroines in my life, my mother, your mother, and you. But now I can feel you are taking the front wheel. Happy birthday baby girl!

#146. A million dollars worth of gift cannot be enough to appreciate your impact on my life. I want to celebrate this day with you baby girl. Happy Birthday!

#147. You melt my heart and taught me what it means to be a parent. You shall grow up to become a great woman. Have a wonderful birthday, beautiful.

#148. I love you sincerely and purely. May you find only true love and live an abundant life in this world. Happy third birthday, princess.

#149. This 3rd birthday has brought me extreme joy. Daddy loves you so much, baby girl. Happiest birthday to my wonderful gift.

#150. It is practically impossible for anyone or anything to make me hate you. You are the most valuable thing in my life. Daddy loves you so much, baby girl.

#151. May you never live a sad and fruitless life. Happy 3rd birthday to my beautiful daughter.

#152. You deserve the best. Therefore I’m sending all my love to you, princess. Happy cake day, beautiful.

Having gone through every category of these happy 3rd birthday wishes for 3 years baby girl from mom & dad, I believe you’ve chosen the best you can use to celebrate your 3-year-old baby girl’s birthday. So my dear reader I hope you have found these birthday wishes for 3 year old daughter useful and helpful, and have picked a good one to write on her birthday card. If you found this article useful, make sure to share it with your loved ones.

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