140 Birthday Wishes for Teenage Son – Happy Birthday Messages

Birthday Wishes for Teenage Son: Looking for the birthday wishes for the teenage son? Be happy, your search has finally come to an end. the best happy birthday messages for a teenage son that you can send and wish him a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages – The teenage years are a unique and critical time in a person’s life since they mark the transition from childhood to maturity. You must celebrate your adolescent son’s birthday with him and make it a truly memorable occasion! Every adolescent’s birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we should do everything we can to help them cherish it, your teenage son is coming into maturity. Indeed, it’s a beautiful experience for such a teenager and you play a major part in this special transition and day of his life. Happy birthday to that lovely teenage son of yours!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Teenage Son Happy Birthday Images

1. Dear son, I am always grateful that you came into my world. Your beautiful smile and laughter are a balm to my heart. Happy birthday son!

2. I pray and hope that your future birthdays will be as memorable as you are my son. This is because as your parents we have the best intentions for you. Happy birthday son!

3. You are always going to be my little boy, but I love seeing you become such a fine young man!

4. Have the happiest of birthdays and remember to cherish these moments. They only come once in your lifetime and then they are gone.

5. Today is a perfect day to celebrate ur presence on earth and the amazing little years you have spent with us. Best wishes my son.

Birthday Wishes for Teenage Son

6. You make me even more proud of you each and every day. I love seeing the man you are becoming.

7. Life is good, a wonderful son is impressive. Wishing you a wonderful birthday experience son. Enjoy your day my teenage son.

8. Hoping that this year’s birthday is your best yet surrounded by those that love you the most!

Birthday Wishes for Teenage Son from Mother Happy Birthday Pictures

9. There are no words that can truly describe how proud I am that you are my child. God has truly blessed me with the greatest gift imaginable.

10. You’re greying and you are prospering in knowledge in morality within and outside. May you have an excess of wonderful things and bloom like rays of light. I cherish you, my son. Happy birthday to you.

11. Happy belated day son, prosper more, live large, and be prosperous. With divine wings, you shall soar than an eagle.

12. Happy birthday to my dearest son, May every day of your life is blessed with rays of hope, joy, love, and sunshine.

13. Dearest, I hope you know how much you mean to me, Happiest birthday

Birthday Wishes for Teenage Son Happy Birthday Messages

14. Happy birthday to the beloved son who stole our heart and attention.

15. You are truly the best thing I have ever created and I cannot wait to see what this year brings in your life!

16. Dear son, you have brought nothing but happiness to my life. I wish you a very happy birthday.

17. It’s been a long time ago I have waiting on this day for you my little Darling and I believe this day is going to be a day of happy remembrance for everyone in this family. Happy Birthday my little darling, many more years to remember this day.

18. As you are growing into a man, don’t forget that you are still my little boy. I love you and wish you the happiest of birthdays with many more to come!

19. No one else is as lucky as me, because I’ve got a treasure as awesome as you. Happy birthday cute teenager.

20. Candles, Cake, Ice cream, Birthday Presents, make your wish son. Happy Birthday.

21. I cannot gauge how much you mean to me because you are everything in my life. May this special day be full of untold magnificence?

22. Trying your shoelace, and wiping off dirty faces are just couples of things like to do when you were young and as you have grown older I will always love to do so many things and love you as always. Happy Birthday, son.

23. Hurray to my handsome son who is maturing and getting smarter. May your birthday be the coolest birthday ever. Happy birthday, my precious son.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Teenage Son

25. Happy birthday to my incredible son! You deserve nothing but the best on this big day!

26. Dear son, as you celebrate this beautiful day, you should know ‘’you can never be too old for our love and support’’. I wish you a happy birthday.

27. This day is as special to me as it is to everybody in the family, I do hope you have a great day ahead son. Happy Birthday!

28. Birthdays are meant to be only a celebration but yours are memories filled, you reminded me of how anxious we were waiting for the news which is you today. A million magical wishes to you.

29. I thought babies are the only cute thing that ever happens to people but watching you grow is more than a beautiful, happy birthday, sweetheart.

30. I’m so proud of all the wonderful things you do and I’d like to thank you for making dad and me feel so special on this day. Let’s celebrate!

31. Today is gonna be a great day for you. I have been feeling your vibes since yesterday all in anticipation of your birthday. It’s a good thing to see you happy once again. Happy Birthday to you darling.

32. Keep on exploring and make us proud by achieving everything that you set out to achieve today and beyond! Enjoy your special day!

33. Wishing you all the best on your special day. Have fun and enjoy this new chapter in your life!

34. Have been so conscious of the day, I feel something important is happening today until I check my phone, even my heart remembers your day, you are so precious dear, have a great one.

35. Dear son, hugs, and advice will never be lacked, your daddy loves you so much and will always be your friend. Happy birthday!

36. Despite all you have gone through over the years, the Grand Architect of the whole world has brought you to witness your special day again after all the struggles in the past years. Happy Birthday to my strong boy of courage.

37. Happy birthday, son! I hope you have an excellent day celebrating your special milestone with family and friends!

38. I don’t want to ever let you go but I still can’t wait to watch you grow and no matter what life may bring I want you to know that you will always be my son

39. Always know that whatever direction your life takes son, you can still turn back to your parents. Happy birthday my little buddy.

40. The only way to make this day better is by congratulating you on your big milestone. Happy birthday, son! We hope that this coming year brings sunshine and happiness to your life.

41. A toast to you and a new life as a teenager son. Happy born day.

Birthday Wishes for Teenage Son from Mother

43. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: And the result of this is you. Happy Birthday, my lovely son.

44. May every day of your life be blessed with rays of hope, joy, love much sunshine. Happy Birthday, son! You made me a mother.

45. From crawling to a grown-up, it’s been amazing watching every bit of your growth. I’m proud of you because you’ve made us proud. Happy birthday, cutest

46. You’re such an important part of my life and I hope that you know just how much I love you. Thanks for being a great kid! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

47. Every day with you brings back the memory of how cute you are at Aday, a great celebration to you filled only with beautiful moments. I love you, baby. Happy Birthday!

48. On this special day, I want to make it all about you and me and hope to make more memorable times with you son. Happy birthday, son!

49. You allowed us to be the best you will ever have. We hope you have a gracious birthday with memories to last a lifetime.

50. Whenever you feel down either in thoughts or hard times, just run to us to receive a hug and make all the pain go away. You will always be our little son, no matter how much you grow. Best wishes on your birthday.

51. The best day I will ever experience is the day you were born, because that is the day you were made. Happy Birthday, son.

52. On this day I wrap you in my arm, hug you so tight, and whisper this advice: be strong, be kind, and be patient because, with time, you will find out that it brings you good things in life. Happy Birthday, son.

53. I have a son, he might be naughty but ain’t nobody got a son like mine, he is my best friend, he is my world, he is my heart, there’s no denying I am your mom no matter what. I love you so much son and I know you know it. Happy Birthday my teenage guy.

54. Father and mother always portray the same unconditional love to the kids, but I believe mom’s love is superb. Happy birthday dear son!

55. A fantastic birthday to you. I love you so much son and I will love you till the rest of my life and I pray nothing to trash such a beautiful love. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

56. Being a mom made me a kinder and more loving person. I thank you for making me achieve that. Happy birthday, son!

57. As you add a year to your years today, it’s my prayer that sources of freshness and an origin of wisdom and achievement will be poured into your life. May you feel no distress but contentment and satisfaction. Enjoy your day, dear son. Happy birthday!

58. I don’t know where time has gone, since those baby days don’t seem that long, and yet you are now a teenage boy. Grow in grace son. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.

59. Make this year your best yet, and don’t ever forget to live with your head held high knowing that you are the best you can be!

60. Happy Birthday to my very own sweet son, just want to let you know that as you grow to be a teenager, I will always be by you, and lead you to the very best path. Happy Birthday, son.

61. Kids have different dynamics with their parents but I thank God that you are everything I have prayed for. Happy birthday my son!

62. It is said that mothers make the world go round, but I also think children play a role. Raising and watching you grow and shine made me smile more than I have ever done. Happy birthday!

63. I have been to various birthday party celebrations but yours seems to be a different and special one entirely and I wish it’s gonna be a special day for you throughout your lifetime. Happy Birthday to you my little king.

64. This day seems like yesterday when you were born, but today I’m celebrating a whole year of watching you grow into the amazing young man that you are now. Enjoy your special day!

65. To my baby boy who is growing as a teenager, on your birthday cheers to joy, happiness, and peace.

66. Dear son, thank you for being you and making me feel proud. Happy birthday!

67. Your birthday is special to me because it gives me the chance to remember the day that a treasure came out of me, Happy Birthday, son.

68. Not every parent is Gifted with a son like you. We are happily blessed to be one of the selected few. Happy birthday, our dearest

69. You are the best thing that has ever come out of me and replicate, preparing the best of foods and delicate just for you. Happy Birthday, my son.

70. Happy Birthday, baby! I promise to make your day as special as you are to me love, and I promise to make your year even your re special sweetheart.

71. I am truly amazed at the young adult you have become. I am so happy to see you growing into the man that I have always hoped you would be. Have a wonderful and fun-filled birthday!

72. May your days be filled with joy more than the joy I felt when you were born, Happy birthday, Son

73. Let’s dance in style, let dance for a while. Yes! It is your birthday, son. Hoping for the best birthday today and to gift to you your heart desire. Happy Birthday, son.

74. I would be a complete mess without you! As another year comes and goes, I will cherish every moment with you and hope that you will continue to become the amazing young man that you are.

Birthday Wishes for Teenage Son from Father

76. Happy Birthday to my lovely and lively trouble maker son, growing to become like Christ is sure for you dear. May this year bring clearer sight to you.

77. Happy Birthday to my lovely son, you are guided and trusted with God’s heavenly riches. The Lord shields you from snare and pestilence. Stay richly and blessed.

78. Make this birthday the most special one yet! Surrounded by your family and closest friends, you will celebrate the possibilities that are available to you in this amazing next chapter!

79. I pray as you clock a new year, you will make abba father glad and all that you will do from now on will bring joy to the heart of the father, you will grow well in Christ son. Happy birthday, my darling child.

80. I pray that no assault on the onslaught of the enemies will befall you in this generation. All that you do will give and bring joy to your heart, stay well, grow well and stay strong in the lord. Happy Birthday, son.

81. It’s so pleasurable and exciting to see you in this mood. I never knew you could dance so well today and it was a great moment seeing you in that exciting mood.

82. I want to wish my wonderful son with a blessed heart a happy birthday and I pray that this day the bless you with more of and cause you to always walk in his will.

83. Thank you Lord for leading and guiding my son’s life. Help him to know how loved and cherished he is. Bless and guide him in the year ahead. May you be filled with the things of God. Happy Birthday, son.

84. The Lord guides and keep you, may you witness all exploit and more in Christ now and always, enjoy your day to the fullest son. Happy Birthday.

85. Happy Birthday birthday to the child from my womb, it is another year in doing God’s will son and this you will do in the days of your flesh. Thanks for being a wonderful son.

86. The Lord will bless you with pure and fervent hearts you clock another year as a teenager, be sure to have a pleasant birthday, son.

87. I thank the Lord for mercy and the gift of life he has bestowed upon you son. May you be a delight to the father and continue to hold steadfast in his truth. Happy Birthday, son.

88. For the great thing you will do in life son I will be blessed that you are a son from this family and my only teenage son. Wishing you the very best. Happy Birthday, son.

89. A loud and a big shout-out to my wonderful son. I love you for your kindred heart and generosity. You will never be put to shame, son. Happy birthday.

90. Blow out the candles and make a wish, but don’t just wait for the wish to come true. Let this be the year that you work to make your wishes become a reality!

91. I hope you know I love you, sweetheart, I hope you become whatever you want to become. That is all I want for your son to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Happy Birthday, son.

92. I declare that you are increasing with things of God and with long life will he satisfy you and show his salvation. Happy Birthday, son.

93. God’s mercy and favour on you as you see through this year, another year, and many more years to come. May all that you lay your hands upon turn out to be good. Happy birthday, son

94. Happy birthday, dearest, may you grey in God’s abundant grace. I pray that the light of God keeps on shining on your path to lighten and brighten up your way to everlasting righteousness. Long life and prosperity in the knowledge of the son of Yahweh. Happy birthday to my teenage son.

95. Happy Birthday to you my sweet son you are blessed and I pray that you will obey and serve God and spend your days in prosperity.

96. Happy Birthday to my lively and lovely son with a heart of purity, always open to correction, and very obedient. You have been blessed forever, son.

97. Candles! Cake! Ice cream! Presents! Son! Birthday! Can you tell I’m excited about your birthday? I thank God every day for giving me a son like you. On your birthday, I wish for divine wisdom in Christ, Happy Birthday.

98. Take a break from your celebration to think about everything that this birthday can signal for the coming year. You are amazing and truly blessed.

99. This has been one of the greatest achievements in my life. I adore and appreciate your antics, and will always show you, love. Enjoy this beautiful day to the fullest.

100. I pray for wisdom in all diverse ways and that you grow in understanding in the path of your life and refill in knowledge to attain success in life. Happy Birthday, sweet son.

101. Happy Birthday son, surely you are blessed, multiplied in blessing, and may you inherit a blessing.

102. Happy birthday honey, I pray that God will make of you a great nation, bless you, and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing.

103. A born is a born you belong to God, may you grow with dear friends, friends of light, people with great in for God, it shall be well with you. Happy Birthday, my teenage man.

104. I pray that in this new year, the lord will keep your gaze fixed on him and him alone Will you serve for the rest of your life, stay blessed son. Happy birthday, sweetie pie.

105. Happy birthday to the best son in the world, it has been a pleasure to be your father, and watching you grow has always been my greatest source of happiness.

106. Whatever you do just know am already proud of you, so I know you are going to make mistakes but my love for you will never change.

107. When I look at you, I see a replica of me and I’m proud to call you my son. We have the same great ambition mindset. As you celebrate your day, may you accomplish all that you dream of. Have a fantastic birthday, son.

108. My little man, your day is coming, a day when you will grow up and become a man, a man of wonderful ambitions. Enjoy your day son.

109. Happy Birthday to my faithful and obedient teenage son, I pray that you shall abound with the blessing and you shall be blessed in many ways.

110. I pray for you my son that as you are a year older today as a teenager may you inherit life and as you will grow to be a young adult year to come, may the life of God show forth more in your life. Happy Birthday, son.

111. Son, remember I am always here for you if you require anything. As you turn a year older I appreciate you and express my love to you on this birthday.

112. Hurray! It’s your birthday son, another year of life. I pray the Lord to bless and increase you, the lord increases the work of your hand and satisfies you with all your desire.

113. Happy birthday to you sweet son, I know and pray you will be greater and better than I am. May you live long and achieve all that you wish for.

114. Thinking way back, I remember all the time you cry and crawl to my arm, hug me so tight to feel loved by me and I love you like nobody else my son. Wishing you the very best son. Happy birthday, mini-me.

115. Nothing is better and beautiful in this world of ours than having a son like you, a son obedient child I am indeed so much blessed and grateful to God for giving such a son like you. I love you so much, my first son.

116. I pray as he is a year older today grant him all the good wishes of his heart, help him more in life as he is becoming better and older. Happy birthday, my son.

117. I pray and decree that you will attain the life of God in its fullness, you won’t struggle with God and obey his commandments. May the good Lord bless you.

118. Happy birthday son, I love you so dearly, you are a blessing indeed. May your portion in God be preserved for many generations to behold. Happy Birthday, darling.

119. Ηappy Birthday, to my very own teenage son. Ι will show yοu many good things of life Αnd promise tο be Τhe best father in the whole to you.

120. Happy Birthday to you my son. I wish I could refund all the love I should have shown you since you were a child but I believe that isn’t too late to do that by starting from now. Happy Birthday

121. Life has always been so beautiful when you are there. And you bring all seasons of spring into my life. Happy Birthday, my amazing son.

122. Happy Birthday to you my son, I pray that you will see far into God and thus find the energy to journey far more in this new year, Amen.

123. In the days of prosperity you shall be joyful and God will set your feet and you shall trend upon all your enemies and you will always find peace for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday my sweet son.

124. Happy Birthday to my son a beautiful soul the lord has decked with wisdom and knowledge. May you live long and prosper.

125. I pray for the mercy of the lord to look on you as you grow, in your academics, your natural life and he will cause His face to shine upon you. Happy Birthday, son.

126. Happy Birthday son may the Lord bless you with himself in this new year of yours, can’t wait to hear your wishes.

127. Like father, like son, you are blessed so much in this season. Just ask for anything you desire and I will give it to you, always be a happy song. Happy Birthday, son.

128. I thank the Lord for what he is doing in you son, you are becoming better and wiser every day. I pray that you never fall short of God’s grace, amen. Happy Birthday, sweet son.

129. Happy Birthday son the lord bless and keep you in this new year of yours, may God increase you on all sides.

130. With every year that passes on your birthday, I cherish these memories even more because I know I couldn’t have asked for a better son. Happy birthday!

131. Happy birthday to you my son on this favourable opportunity the lord has granted onto you to see another year. Throughout the years having you is the best gift I’ve got, I pray you to get all that your heart desire in life, may the Lord renew you in many ways, and I want you to know I love you so much. Happy Birthday, son.

132. I declare today that you will be a worthy son in the sight of the father and you will receive the goodness from therein.

133. Happy birthday my jewel, may you grow more in grace and love.

134. Happy Birthday son, I pray that length of days, long life, and peace shall be added unto you in this generation and next to come

135. You are growing and proving yourself to be the most honorable young man I could have ever imagined. Let this year be full of happiness and joy!

136. Happy Birthday son, we will shout for joy and be glad that you are favoured and the Lord shall be magnified through your life, amen.

137. Hurray! it’s my darling and little prince charming birthday, as you celebrate another year in good health may you celebrate more and more years to come in more of good health and success, I wish that you live long in life and make prosperity, and may your wishes be fulfilled in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my son

138. I pray for you today son as you mark another year that all your enemies are cast out from your presence. May you trap the things of God. Happy Birthday, son.

139. I pray for you son that you will be filled with the spirit of God, in wisdom and understanding, and in knowledge in all manner of things that you do. Happy Birthday, son.

140. May you know God’s peace and strength when you wake and his comfort and rest when you lay down to sleep. Happy Birthday, son.

141. You continue to amaze me and after all these years I want to wish you a happy birthday as you continue making my life so colorful.

142. You have got a smile that reminds me of childhood memories son, wishing you the very best birthday from my heart. Happy birthday sweet son.

143. You can close your eyes and have no fear to grow and express yourself out in the world because I am right beside, behind, and always with you son. Wishing you lots and a lot of good things as you grow. Happy Birthday, son.

144. Birthdays are for celebrating the opportunity to make life exactly how you want. Let this one mark the beginning of another exciting year with exciting possibilities.

145. Dear lord, you have been catering for my son since when he was in the womb spiritually and physically and you gave him to me to care and by your abundance of grace he is growing and now to a teenage boy. Thank you for another year’s opportunity. Happy Birthday, son.

146. Son, thank you for making me such a proud father, as you become a teenager I want to promise my support in your dreams and all endeavors as you grow older. Happy birthday!

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