90+ Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages – Beautiful Invitation Wording Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages: Sample Invitation Wordings offers you a variety of invitation wordings and messages for all occasions. So if you are at a loss for words on what to write in an invitation card here is an excellent collection of perfect invitation wordings and announcement notes. If your marriage anniversary is around the corner and you are searching for invitation messages for inviting your close persons, we are here for you.

We have a great compilation of anniversary invitation messages and wording ideas. If you are the couple celebrating the anniversary or you are inviting on behalf of your parents, we have every type of anniversary invitation wording here. try our Invitation Wordings For Anniversary Party/Sample Anniversary Party Invitations/Wedding Anniversary Party Invitation Wordings/What To Write In An Anniversary Party Invitation Card.

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages Beautiful Invitation Wording Ideas

Here are some ideas for wedding anniversary invitation messages:

  • “We’re delighted to invite you to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary with a garden party at ______”
  • “We invite you to share our celebration of lifelong love and commitment as we exchange vows of marriage on…”
  • “In the years that followed we celebrated small. But on this anniversary, we are going to have a ball!”
  • “A day in the sun with family and fun!”
  • “We request the honor of your presence the evening gala being held at [Venue] on [Date] at [Time]”
  • “You are invited to join us on [Date of Event] to help us celebrate our [Years] Anniversary”
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Here are some other invitation wording ideas:

  • “You’re warmly invited to [describe the event]”
  • “I sincerely invite you to join us for [describe event]”
  • “Please grace us with your presence at the [describe event] that will take place on [date] at [time]”
  • “We are inviting you to this [describe event] hosted by (name) on (date) at (time)”
  • “We request the pleasure of your company”

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages

Love has many forms, but marriage has the purest of them all. So come and celebrate with us, for it is the 14th anniversary of (name) and (name).

Fill your hearts with joy, and your minds with love, and make the 25th anniversary of (name) and (name) special by lending us your time and presence.

Just like Romeo and Juliet, we have a pair as well. Let’s celebrate their 5th anniversary. You’ll enjoy it as well.

wedding anniversary invitation messages

wedding anniversary invitation messages

One isn’t complete without its other half, but once it’s there, it’s eternal. So come and celebrate the anniversary of such love for (name and name).

Give your bit of time to these love birds who have decided to stay together. Come to the anniversary of (name and name) and we will celebrate it together.

Come celebrate the anniversary of their meeting; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The union of two hearts, tied with a golden string, we celebrate the anniversary of (name) and (name) and bless them with everything.

Casual Anniversary Invitation

We decided to celebrate the day we became one. So please come and celebrate our love.

Dear, Finally the day has come again. It’s our wedding anniversary. I hope you will join us on our special day and make this day more beautiful.

The moment we said “yes” to each other and took our vows on our wedding day, we promised and prayed for strong marriage life. Now looking back after 25 years of marriage, we can say we did it because you are part of it. Thank you for being there for us. Please celebrate with us on (date and time) at (venue). RSVP (contact numbers).

casual anniversary invitation

casual anniversary invitation

A special dinner will be held on (date and time) at (venue) to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of Brad and Julia. Witness the celebration of their enduring love for each other and wish them more years together.

Celebrate with Brad and Julia at their 10th wedding anniversary (date and time) at (venue). Mark your calendar for this special occasion, please confirm attendance.

We are celebrating our wedding anniversary this Sunday. Please come and have fun with us.

We arranged a small party to celebrate my wedding ceremony. You are invited.

I am inviting you to be part of our wedding anniversary party. Come and enjoy yourself with us.

Formal Anniversary Invitation

I am inviting you to my wedding anniversary this weekend. Please be a part of our celebration.

I am requesting you to join me on my wedding anniversary. Thank you.

One can count money but none can count love. Since it’s priceless, we invite you on the occasion of remembering this princess less day of the anniversary of (name and name).

formal anniversary invitation

formal anniversary invitation

True love can’t be found easily, and hence it is strong, we invite you to the anniversary of ( name and name) since those prove it right

Just like nature gave us the trees it gave us the feeling of love as well, which turned (name and name) to husband-wife, let’s celebrate their anniversary on this day

I would like to invite you to my wedding anniversary party this weekend. Please come with your full family and have a good time with us.

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, we have arranged a party. You are cordially invited with your whole family.

To celebrate our love, we decided to arrange an I go, I go, I go like Google, we will be happy if you come and be a part of our celebration.

I am cordially inviting you to my wedding anniversary. Your presence is appreciated.

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25th Anniversary Invitations

We are celebrating 25 years of togetherness. Come and join us at our anniversary party and be part of our happiness.

Most people stumble when it comes to finding the right words to write the 25th-anniversary invitation card. If you are feeling lost, here are some sample wordings for the 25-anniversary party invitation which you can use. Read on to find the perfect twenty-fifth wedding anniversary card invitation wordings right here.

Mark and Mary request your distinguished presence for their 25th wedding anniversary. Sunday, 10th June at 7.00 pm at coast road, No gifts, please.

25th anniversary invitations

25th anniversary invitations

25th Anniversary! Will and Amanda Rogers! We have walked hand in hand for 25 long years as husband and wife! We would love to invite you for dinner in honor of our Silver Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, at our seaside residence.

25 winters have passed in the blink of our eyes. To celebrate our love, we have arranged a small party. I hope you will come and give us your warm wishes.

It’s my 25th wedding anniversary. Come and be a part of our celebration.

We are having a small party on the occasion of our 25th anniversary. Come and have dinner with us.

Our 25th anniversary won’t be fulfilled without your presence. So join us for a fun-filled evening.

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50th Anniversary Invitations

To celebrate 50 years of married life, A small party is arranged. Please join us.

I and my husband are arranging a party for our 50th wedding anniversary. Your presence is appreciated.

For such a remarkable occasion, your guests will likely want to bring a gift for the two of you. Help them find the perfect gift by including your registry information. (You can do this with Greenvelope’s online invitations.) Alternatively, you could let guests know that there’s no need to bring a gift and that their company is more than enough.

50th anniversary invitations

50th anniversary invitations

A 50th wedding anniversary is something magical. Here’s a handpicked selection of sweet and funny ideas to help you invite your closest friends and family to this milestone bash.

“_______ and _______ are celebrating 50 wonderful years of marriage. Join us as we celebrate with a good old-fashioned party!”

“Come and join us for a celebration like no other for our 50th wedding anniversary!”

“Can you believe we’ve been together this long? Let’s party before we change our minds!”

In the celebration of our 50 years of marriage anniversary, we have arranged a party to spend time with our friends and family. Please be a part of our celebration.

This 50 years of the journey wasn’t easy at all, but you were always there as a well-wisher. You are most warmly invited. Thank you.

Anniversary Invitation from Others

This weekend we are arranging a small party for our parent’s wedding anniversary. I hope you will come and be a part of the celebration.

Finally, our parents’ wedding ceremony is near the corner and we are planning for a surprise anniversary party. Please join us and have a fun time with us.

“A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.” – Paul Sweeney

anniversary invitation quotes and anniversary messages

anniversary invitation quotes and anniversary messages

“There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage”. – Martin Luther

“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threaded, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years”. – Simon Signoret

I would like to invite you to my parent’s anniversary this Sunday. You are warmly invited.

You are cordially invited to my parent’s wedding anniversary. Please come and give them your best wishes.

My warm greetings to you. Please come and be a part of my parent’s wedding anniversary party.

To assist you in commemorating your historic event in style, we’ve compiled a sampling of our finest 50th golden wedding anniversary invitations for your consideration. Every taste and party theme may be satisfied with a variety of options. Whether you go for the traditional gold or something a little more vibrant, you’ll find lots of ideas here to get you started. Wedding anniversaries are wonderful occasions, and celebrating with our close family and friends made this one even more special. You could want to send out these wedding anniversary invitation texts to friends and family members if you’re looking for wedding anniversary invitation wordings for yourself or your parent’s wedding anniversary. Send these heartfelt anniversary invitation notes to your closest friends and family members. It will give them a sense of importance.

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