80 Genuine Cute Quotes For Couples and Singles

There are times when you just want your crush to notice you or maybe to move on from the friend zone. When this happens cute statuses may just be the right thing to try out to get that special someone to finally look your way. Here are some of the best cute quotes that you might want to try out.

Genuine Cute Quotes For Couples and Singles

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1. No matter what others might want you to be, you have the power to remain who you are.

2. Nothing seemed to be fine in my life anymore until you came into it and changed it all.

3. A hug is worth more than a thousand words.

4. I know the art of love, you have taught me well, but how about the art of heartbreak and the art of letting go? Why did you leave without teaching me about those two?

5. I know that forever sounds fabricated, like a lie webbed to trap you in but I am telling you, that even if forever will last for eternity, I am willing to spend it forever by your side.

6. Stop living with regrets because they might swallow you whole until you become nothing.

7. I keep on falling in love with you over and over again.

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8. There are no accidents, there is a reason for everything so do not keep your eyes focused on what is in front of you because there is a bigger picture waiting to be seen.

9. I would not dare to forget my past because I would not be who I am at this very moment if not for it.

10. Be yourself, because everyone else is trying to be someone else, so find your identity and wear it proudly.

11. If I could only make you smile, for no particular reason at all, I would do it.

12. I think it was not an accident that we met, it must be fate because I her from the very first moment my eyes laid on her.

Cute Quotes For Couples

13. The real problem in a relationship is fear. It prevents you from trying and learning new things.

14. Life is a big, wonderful celebration but if you are not here with me, it seems like the worst party ever.

15. Do not cry for a broken relationship, smile because you have been through it.

16. Never should you regret a choice you made because even the worst experiences in life will teach you so many things.

17. The moment before I close my eyes, the last thing I see in my mind is your face.

18. I do not care no matter how long I wait, because I know that you will be worth it.

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19. I may not be the perfect one, but I always hope that I will be enough for you.

20. There are times when all I want to do is look into your eyes.

21. Love? It is when you see someone for exactly who they are, appreciate it, and cherish them with all your heart.

22. Stop looking for the perfect partner, instead, look at the one who is always there for you and see past through the imperfections and you can try to have the best relationship.

23. Always be kind to anyone because you never know what type of inner battle they may be fighting.

24. There are moments in life when all I want to be is alone and then you come and tell me that you will always be there for me and I know that beside you is all I ever wanted to be.

Cute Quotes For Singles

25. I believe in the smallest of things because I know it makes the biggest difference in this world.

26. Everyone needs someone to hold on to and I am so glad I have her, my cute girl.

27. They say that love is blind but I can see all your flaws and still love you.

28. Maybe it is not the happy endings that truly matter, maybe it is the fact that you spent half your life being happy.

29. You are my muse, the one who inspires me, the one who I dedicate all my stories and poems to.

30. No matter how much time passes by, the feelings I have toward you will never falter nor will it change.

31. We were given two ears so we can hear perfectly, two eyes to see the beauty of the world, but only one heart so that we can find the other person who has them.

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32. You only see a glimpse of the stars once the sun has set. Thus, only when you are at the lowest points in your life will you find the person who will help you to get through all of these challenges.

33. Kids always say they want to grow up; they do not know how much the grown-ups wish they could go back to their childhood days.

34. Never take a girl for granted because you will certainly miss her the moment she realizes what she is worth.

35. Everyone deserves a second chance, but a third one needs to be earned.

36. The best thing in life would be to know that someone out there is loving you without reservations.

37. The best thing that happened to me was you; you have changed the way I view life.

38. I have searched everywhere for a love that will set me free from the chains of my loneliness and I am lucky to say that I have found the key the moment I set my eyes on you.

39. There is a saying that goes like this Home is where the heart is so I guess that means that you are practically my home.

Cute Quotes For Couples and Singles

40. Forget about falling in love, grow in love because things that fall easily get broken but things that grow get stronger.

41. I want to be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the whole lifetime if that is possible.

42. The things that hurt you the most will give you the best lessons in life.

43. It is really funny how strangers can turn into lovers and then lovers into strangers.

44. If you find out that you cannot change some things in the life you have right now, the best thing to do is to move on from it.

45. Maybe I do not want a lover, maybe what I want is a best friend. Someone who will accept me and say what he thinks about me, someone who will tell me I am beautiful even when I am wearing baggy clothes or my evening pajamas. Maybe I want my best friend to be my lover.

46. You will make more than a thousand mistakes in your life but I will keep on loving you for them because mistakes mean that you are still trying and fighting against the flow of life.

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47. She has changed my life in so many ways she will never know.

48. We are the best cute couple the world has ever seen!

49. A good heart sees the beauty in every person and everything in this world.

50. My love for you in this life is more than I ever wished for.

51. You make me love math because you are so like it, you add more love into my life, subtract all the feelings of hate in my heart, and multiply all the hope inside of me.

52. The best friend you can ever have is God for He will listen to all of your faults and still accept you despite them and answer your most sincere prayers.

53. If you love somebody, you will continue to see the best in them despite the flaws that might hide them.

Cute Messages For Couples and Singles

54. How about we try to flip a coin? If it goes head, you are mine, if it goes tail, then you can have me.

55. If you want others to love you, you need to start with yourself.

56. You are certainly the rainbow after the rain that I will always look forward to seeing after all the problems in my life go away.

57. Ever since you came into my heart, the distance between us and the time I spent with you does not seem to matter anymore.

58. When you are in the room, I cannot see anyone else because you seem to be the most attractive thing in this world.

59. How do you know if someone is special to you? When their emotions matter to you as much as your own.

60. Sometimes, it is the people you trust the most that will let you down in the end.

61. Share your problems with someone else and you will see that even the heaviest burdens you might be carrying will suddenly seem lighter.

62. No matter how busy I may be, I always have the time to pause just to let you pass by my mind.

63. Nothing can measure the life that I feel for her since not even the cutest words can express it.

64. You may be very far away from me but rest assured that I am always thinking of you.

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65. When you fall in love, especially for the very first time, you will not be able to know how to stop it.

66. I do not care about the future at all as long as you are here by my side.

67. We are so much alike in so many ways; could she be my soul mate?

68. Even when it seems that the whole world is crashing down, just keep on seeing the positive side of life and you will be okay.

69. If you cannot offer honesty to your partner, do not enter a relationship.

70. I may not be a warrior but I assure you I can go through all the hardest challenges that will come my way and still survive to tell the tale.

71. There is someone out there who wants to comfort you when you cry and be the reason for your smile.

72. You just need to start counting the blessings that come your way and surely, life will get a whole lot easier.

73. The best relationship in this world is that which revolves around honesty.

74. I care more for your happiness than I care for mine because that is how much I adore you.

75. When everything else seems to make you stop, love will keep you going.

76. I am an impatient person but if you ask me to wait for you, I would say yes.

77. Do not forget that you are stronger than how much you think you are.

78. Well, I cannot say that I have the power to fix all of your problems, but I can assure you that you would not have to face any of them alone.

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