40 Crush Poems – I Love You Poems for Her From The Heart

Crush Poems: You love her crush on her, so write a nice poem for her. If you can’t stop dreaming about one person in special, you definitely have a crush on them. Crushes will happen instantly, like love-at-first-sight. Crushes will creep up on you at any moment, turning a good friend into the wish of your thought in a moment. Crush love poems or love poems about Crush. Read, share, and enjoy these Crush love poems! Secret crush love poems are a unique way of expressing your love for that person. It happens to all of us when we start falling for someone when we first see him/her. Whenever you feel like expressing your true feelings, the secret crush love poems will come to your rescue.

Crush Poems

Crushes make you blush for no reason, make you daydream constantly, and make you want to go to school even more. They even force you to reread text conversations a hundred times for no particular reason. They’re innocent and enjoyable, and if you’re lucky, they can also lead to love.

I Want You to Write Poem for Her: On a note, write a nice poem to share your feelings for her. Texts that melt her heart tell her how cute you think she is. Follow up your beautiful poetry with witty ways to sweep her off her feet, from funny quotes that crack the ice to flirty texts that can make her happy. Don’t be afraid to approach a girl and ask her out. Just say what you’re saying and keep it natural. Falling in love is all about letting go of one’s heart and embarking on a wild and adventurous adventure. All it takes is some mushy banter and a brazen display of emotions for her to be enamoured with you as well. A crush romantic poem for a girl to express her undying love for her.

Love Crush Poems

1): If anyone were to ask me, I would say
I’d have to ask you why I love you so much.
Since I’m not sure why I’m so enamoured with you,
I can’t put my finger on it.
What I know is that I adore you and your insanity.

crush poems

2): I love you in every way,
particularly your breathtaking beauty.
My heart will continue to pursue you,
even though it means putting up a fight.
I admire everything about you,
from your personality to your wit.
I hope I have persuaded you that
I adore you equally.

3): When I see a stunning sunrise, I get excited.
When I look up at the stunning night sky,
I can’t help but smile.
When I see a bright rainbow, I get excited.
When I see a row of blooming flowers, I get excited.
I’m happy you’re the one my heart chose when
I saw a lusciously red rose.

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4): I’ve been thinking about you since
I first met you.
For the first time in my life,
my world has been sweet.
I hope you will love this sweetness as well.
And if you want to go on a date with me,
I hope you can say yes.
I’m in love with you.

5): The heart has no rhyme or meaning.
To love another
The subconscious is incapable of logic.
The soul has no rationale for being fond of others.
To select one person from a crowd
There is no excuse for the conscience.
One name, to shout out loud,
As a consequence, I’m not sure why.
I’m totally nuts when it comes to you.
Everything I know is that
I want you to be my girlfriend.

6): What I love the most about you is the way you walk and smile.
When you start chatting, one of the things.
What I love most about you is the way you dress.
Watching the way you tuck your hair is a sight of absolute pleasure.
There doesn’t seem to be anything about you that I don’t like.
It had been a long time since I had asked you out on a date.

i love you poems for her

7): I sincerely hope you do not get enraged.
This is a sweet confession poem.
It’s right from my side, and
I’m praying it doesn’t get rejected.
I’m writing to let you know that
I can’t sleep or relax because
I have a massive crush on you and
I’m not sure what to do next.

8): I’m feeling a little frazzled.
I’m a little jittery and anxious.
My conscience has driven me to do
What I’m about to do,
which is to admit that I have a crush on you.
I’m behaving really cautiously,
and I’m packed with fear.
In her letter to invite her out on a date,
she wrote an I love you poem.

9): My heart continues to pound.
When I run into you and you look at me,
I’m at a loss for what to do.
The truth I want to reveal is that
when you twirl your hair,
I have a massive crush on you.

10): I can feel my heart racing harder.
I’ve tried several times to get your attention,
but I know you’ll never feel the same way.
I remember your crooked grin when
I look at your forehead.
I remember the crinkle across your warm eyes,
so you’ll never look at me the same way again.

I see my whole life as I look at you.
My stomach is bursting at the seams with endless winds,
but I’ll never be in your country.
When I want to touch you, my hands begin to sweat,
my pulse begins to pound,
and my legs begin to tremble, and I can not make it.
Fate has determined that I should admire from afar.

11): My heart was struck the first moment I saw you.
My soul was sweetly bitten the day we met.
My brain felt blissfully dizzy the day I held you.
I sincerely hope you feel the same way about me, baby.

i love you poems for her

12): Your chuckle makes me laugh,
and your smile makes me smile.
Your eyes have a magical quality about them.
You make my ideas sound ridiculous.

My feelings for you have become stronger
since the first time, I saw you.
My knees clicked and clacked after
the first conversation,
and those butterflies flipped and flapped.

And as I spout these easy rhymes,
my mind wanders again and again.
Why didn’t you invite me to dance
during that slow, romantic song?

I hope this does not come off as creepy.
Please don’t get the impression that
my words have been too free-flowing.
Just know that what I’m saying is real
and that I’m truly in love with you.

13): I’ll know you when I see you.
My face flushes with rage.
I can’t even take a step forward while you look at me.
I start to soar and ride when I hear your voice.
My eyes only see blurry when you hold me.
You appear to have a lot of control over me.
Maybe it’s just that I think you’re a babe.

14): What do I need to do to get your attention?
Do I change my hairstyle or the way I walk?
What about my looks and the way I speak?
Given the fact that
we’ve known each other for a long time,
I’m still invisible to you.
My emotions are powerful,
and I wish you were aware of them.
Every time I shut my eyes,
I see your smile.
You sound so different from
the other guys to me.
I’m just a friend to you,
nothing more or less.
Since I don’t want to make a mess,
I settle for friendship in the end.
Instead, I’ll keep my secret and reclaim my dignity from the shelf.
Until one day you remember that you and
I was always supposed to be together.
I’ll wait for now, but not for long,
so I’ll be gone sooner or later.
So, when are you going to remember me?

15): Your hair has a lovely curl to it.
You have a love for gleaming pearls in your eyes.
Your lips are a rosy pink colour.
My heart skips a beat when I see your eyes.
Your style is still current.
Your oomph is unrivalled in the field of love.
You walk like a diva in love.
I love you, but you’re way too hot for me.

I Love You Poems for Her From The Heart

16): I know how it feels to get butterflies in my stomach,
I know how it feels to keep wishing for good luck,
I know how it feels to be jittery and frayed on my nerves, and
I’ve been dreaming about confessing how much I like you.

17): I love your Facebook shots.
I retweet your tweets and repin your Pinterest pins just because
I think you’re adorable. I share your Instagram snaps,
Search your Tumblr on a daily basis,
and share all of your Plus updates because
I have a major crush on you.

18): You are one of a kind.
You are stunning in your own right.
In other words, I can’t explain how attractive you are.
What I sense about you is a really peculiar vibe, and
I can’t seem to find the right words to describe you.
All I know is that baby,
I have feelings for you.

19): I’d like to share a secret with you,
Which I think would make you laugh.
It’s taken me a long time to summon the confidence to tell you.
I know we’re good friends, but I want to be more.
My heart would love to be able to call you my girl.
I adore you.

20): In the mornings, I dream of you.
I’m hoping you’ll find me appealing.
I think of you in the afternoon,
expecting to see you soon; in the evening,
hoping to see you smile and in the middle of the night,
hoping to see you smiling.
I’m hoping you’ll appreciate my predicament.
I can’t help worrying about you, and
I hope that one day you will like me as well.

21): I’m addicted to you like a game,
and I’m going insane inside.
I can’t live without you when I take your name,
just like I can’t live without my cell.
I’d like you to be by my side at all times.
so that I don’t feel alone.
I’m in love with you.

22): I feel at ease when I think about you.
My life has become more beautiful.
All seems to be hazy and dreamy.
Life has slowed to an oh-so-lazy pace.
I’m not sure if this is all a blip on the radar.
Although the only time I’m not drowsy is when
I gaze at you, who is so lovely and rosy.
Maybe it’s because I’m going nuts for you.
I’m in love with you.

23): Don’t mess with magazines.
Avoid movies.
A great girl isn’t someone who is beautiful.
The prettiest and cutest in books and on TV
No one else, in my opinion, is a real beauty and a star.
If you haven’t guessed yet, this is a nice
I like a message from a boy to a girl.

24): My senses are out of balance every time I look at you.
My body begins to shiver, and
I am frozen in love with a pole.
My palms sweat every time I look at you.
My head goes absolutely silent.
Since you’re so attractive
I start quivering every time I look at you.
My mouth forms a grin.
I love you and want you to be mine,
My heart begins to sing.
A guy’s poetry for a girl

25): I’m not sure if this is love,
or if it’s just a passing fancy.
I’m not sure if this is hormonal or simply desire,
but what I do know is that you are attractive.
I also know that you are sweet.
I find you attractive and adorable.
Just thinking of you makes my heart pound faster.
I’m in love with you.

Poem About Love

26): From the first time, I saw you,
My heart has been singing rhymes
since we first met, and
I haven’t slept in days because all
I can think of is how I can be with you.
Maybe this poem is the way
I can make this dream come true.
I love you.

27): The temperature moves.
The sky becomes a lighter hue of blue.
Whether you happen to pass by or if I happen to run into you
The background is packed with a sweet melody.
That’s why everything comes to a screeching halt.
Your very existence is enough.
It seems to be very magical.
I want to make my dream of being with you a reality.
I love you.

28): What I’m thinking right now
I’ve never felt like this before.
What I see in you I love, and it’s just
what I’m looking for right now.
Is it true that you are on my side?
It’ll be one of the best rides of your life.
if you say you love me too.

29): There are so many parts of you that I love.
There are no words to express how I felt.
It’s hard for me to express in a few lines that
I want to be able to call you to mine and how much,
I love you.

30): When I first saw you,
I was absolutely smitten.
As we collided,
I knew how my heart was feeling.
We traded phone numbers.
All of my dreams have come true.
You will know how much
I love you after reading this poem.

31): I have a thing for you.
I’m worried about you so much that
I’m always daydreaming about you.
I’m fantasising about you so deeply that
I’m soaring across the skies so beautifully.
Please pinch me until I totally lose it.
I’m in love with you.

32): I start dreaming about you the second
I start thinking about you.
My life has come to a halt.
I suffocate the second
I contemplate asking you out,
as if I’ve just drowned.
But here I am, begging you to eventually save me.
Please accept my invitation to go on a date with me.

33): I don’t want to feel this way for much longer,
but any time I get closer, you step further.
I don’t want to come off as needy or clingy in any way.
All I want is for you to catch me any time I slip.

I’m sick of being a flirt all of the time.
I want more, but I don’t want to hurt myself.
I can’t believe I’ve known you from the beginning.
When you fuck with my heart, I now feel pitiful.

You’re yet another crush that leaves me terrified
on a good day and a stormy night.
You’re one of those enticing pits that
I can’t seem to get out of it.
What would you think about me after
my heart has been shattered?

34): I thought we were supposed to be the moment we met.
I knew we were doomed from the start,
that you were the one for me.
I had no clue who you were.

Your name was the only thing I learned about you.
I was at a loss for what to do.
I have no idea who to blame.
I had a feeling I liked you.
I could tell you were friendly.
I couldn’t help myself because the butterflies were so busy.
Nothing I did that day demonstrated who I am.

My heart started to pound every time you passed by.
My acts were out of character.
My reactions were phoney.
I felt awful, but I didn’t have control over my heart.
And as the rest of the party said their goodbyes,

my attention was drawn to you.
I realised I was checking to see if you shared my thoughts.
I liked you when I first saw your face,
but it may have been the touch.
My heart had started to beat faster.

I already have a soft spot for you.
I thought we were supposed to be the moment we met.
I knew we were doomed.
As lovers, as mates, and as foes.

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