30 Wishes for Hafiz e Quran and Best Messages

Has your loved one just become a Hafiz and you want to send them best wishes for Hafiz e Quran? They are truly blessed by God, and you can send them these best wishes. Help them understand what it means and stay on the right track. Allah has made it clear that we will never be able to count all of His blessings upon us, since they are innumerable. Consider the human body. It is made up of one hundred trillion cells.

God wants you to become a Hafiz e Quran. Supposedly, God will forgive the seven generations of Hafiz e Quran and send them to heaven, but it’s notclear if this is true. This is why, in this article, I’ve shared some of the best wishes for Hafiz e Quran and congratulation messages, and I’m sure you’ll like them. Keep this in mind when you read them.

The Best Wishes for Hafiz e Quran

Mashallah, you have made all of us proud. I am so happy and wish you many congrats from deep of my heart. Mubarak to our new Hafiz e Quran!

Alhamdulillah, finally the day has come for which we all have waited for a lot. I wish you many many congrats. May God bless you a lot in your life?

It does not matter which age you are, all you need is a true passion and hard work to memorize the Holy Quran. Congratulations on memorizing the Quran!

The Best Wishes for Hafiz e Quran

I wish you and your family tons of congratulations on achieving this Holy goal. May God give you the strength to fulfill all your dreams?

Being a Hafiz e Quran is a true blessing of God. I’m glad that you are one of such blessed people. I wish you very much success in your life.

A true Hafiz e Quran is not the one who has memorized the Quran but the one who also understands the true meanings of it. Congratulations on memorizing the Quran!

I wish you and your family tons of congrats. It is a combined effort of both you and your family. Tons of warm wishes to all of you.

By memorizing the Quran you have proved that you are a blessed person. Now it is your responsibility to use your thoughts in the right direction which God has shown to us. Congratulations!

First, I’d like to congratulate you on memorizing the Quran and second I must say that you should be thankful to Allah Almighty for giving you such a wonderful opportunity.

The day you started till today I was praying for you daily and Alhamdulillah you have achieved it successfully and on time. Many congrats on being a Hafiz.

The moment I have heard that you are finished with memorizing the whole Quran and have become a certified Hafiz, I was so glad and eagerly waiting to wish you from deep of my heart tons of congratulations.

God has picked you for Hafiz e Quran. Now it’s your duty to fulfill this responsibility with honesty. Many Congrats!

Hard work pays off! God has gifted you with a wonderful memory and you have spent it in the right direction. Congratulations on becoming Hafiz e Quran!

Your effort and hard work have brought the day that you have become a Hafiz e Quran now. I am very happy and wish you many congrats.

By memorizing the Quran you have proved that God is with you and He has gifted you with a wonderful mind. Congratulations and I also wish you a lot of success in your life.

I am so proud of you for memorizing the Holy book and being a Hafiz e Quran. May God bless you with his gifts and have mercy on all of us?

Only Allah Ta’ala should be thanked for the Qur’an-al-Kareem, a gift that is worth more than gold. It would be great if our lives were sacrificed for the Qur’an. Thus, those who have been chosen by Allah Ta’ala to protect and protect His pure book are very lucky. These people are called the Huffaz (plural of Hafiz). They are a sign of Allah Ta’ala’s power and majesty because Allah Ta’ala had mercy on them and made it possible for them to remember the Glorious Qur’an. It’s a miracle to be able to remember a book as long as the Qur’an-al-Kareem. Allah Ta’ala has shown this miracle to us through His special servants.

If you live in the modern world, you’re very lucky because there are many people who can help you with the Taraweeh Salaah. This isn’t the case a few decades ago, when people had to come from far away to help. At this moment, more than a thousand students in South Africa alone are memorizing the Qur’an, and that doesn’t even take into account the whole world. These students will lead the Taraweeh Salaah in different places tomorrow. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand how important this job is. This simple booklet is a poor way to show our young Huffaz how important they are and how much responsibility they have.

May Allah Ta’ala accept this small effort, and because of His grace and mercy, may it be good for the people who read it. Aameen. The Ulama-e-Kiraam who read this book are asked to point out any mistakes or inaccuracies so that they can be fixed in the next edition.

Everybody should give thanks to God. Rasulullah is one of the most important people in our lives (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Indeed, Allah Ta’ala has been very kind to you. What a wonderful gift you have been given. It doesn’t even compare to one verse of the Qur’an that you have in your heart, let alone the whole Qur’an. When you do good deeds for Allah Ta’ala, you become very important to Him and a member of His “family.” People say that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “Yes, Allah Ta’ala has family members in the world.” The Sahaaba asked, “Who is family?” (Radhiallahu Anhum). People who read the Qur’an are called “Qur’anites.” They are the family of Allah and some of the most important people in the world to him. Targheeb). Because of this, Hafiz, Allah Ta’ala sees you as a very important person.

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