58 Business Trip Wishes, Happy journey Messages and Bon VoyageQuotes

Business Trip Wishes Happy journey Messages and Bon VoyageQuotes

Don’t know what to write on a card as a “bon voyage” message for a friend going on a holiday? Looking for more ways to say, “Have a good trip?” Want to send an email to a boss who is going away on a business trip? Thinking about leaving an emotional Facebook update for your boyfriend who is packing up to travel overseas? If you find yourself in this situation, then you’d be doing yourself a great favor by reading on: we have all the words you need to get the job done. If you’re still stuck, you can simply borrow one of the samples below. Add an inspirational quote to make your message more unique.

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1.) Next time let’s go on a trip together! Have a fantastic time and I can’t wait to see all your pictures.

2.) You are my hero for taking the kind of trip most people only dream about. Have a great time!

3.) No matter where you travel, we will always go with you in your heart. We love you! Have a wonderful trip.

4.) Wishing you a happy trip!

5.) It’s an astounding open door for both our purchasers and organizations to associate. Wrap everything up impeccably and remember to visit the most fascinating urban areas close by the gathering ground.

6.) As you commence on your business trip, I wish you success upon success. Take care, and have a fun and memorable flight.

7.) I wish you a wonderful trip that is filled with lots of sweet memories. Enjoy your trip and come back safe!

8.) “Who else can know the nuances of business more than you, I do not need to speak much on this. May you be happy and have a successful journey.”

Bon Voyage Messages Farewell Wishes and Quotes

9.) Distance means so little when someone means so much.

10.) It’s an amazing opportunity for both our buyers and companies to interact. Seal the deal perfectly and don’t forget to visit the most interesting cities near the meeting ground.

11.) The house simply won’t be the same without you here—travel safe and come back soon!

12.) As you set sail for your business trip may you have success and improvement on the great meeting all along! Have a safe and successful business trip!

13.) Have a happy journey!

14.) We wish you a safe journey!

15.) Take care and have a safe flight!

16.) Have a great trip, sweetheart. I can’t wait to see you again and learn about everything you did!

17.) You better seal the deal this time around. Knock their socks off, buddy. Bon voyage and best wishes for the business trip.

18.) They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I’m sure I’m going to grow very fond of you while you’re off on your trip.

19.) “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” —Ray Bradbury

20.) “May God make your trip successful. Have a good time with your clients.”

21.) “I am so proud to hear that you are going on your first business trip. Best of luck.”

22.) Make good use of your time over there, and always remember the family you left behind. I know you’ll come back safe and sound. Bon voyage!

Happy journey wishes Text Messages Wishes And Quotes

23.) May every day of your holiday be filled with love and laughter. I can’t wait to see you guys again. Take care.

24.) “Make the best use of your business trip. Explore the world of business and learn about different business practices. Wish you all the best.”

25.) “May you have the opportunity to try new things and have memorable experiences on your business trip.”

26.) Good luck on your business trip, sir. I hope you travel safely. I hope you have the best time and enjoy every part of the trip.

27.) “I will measure your success with the gifts I have brought. Have a nice journey.”

28.) It is a pity that you’re going to such a beautiful place only to attend meetings. But while you are at it, make sure you have some fun too. Have a good trip.

29.) Have safe travels!

30.) Congratulations! I pray for you to have an amazing trip and come back safe and sound.

31.) I’m happy for you because of this trip. Come back safely with a lot of experience and of course a lot of gifts. Your success will be measured in terms of the gifts you bring from me.

32.) Good luck on your trip—let me know if you need anything while you’re away. I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

33.) May your trip be pleasant and devoid of any form of stress or discomfort. Bon voyage, my dearest friend.

34.) The office won’t be the same without you while you’re gone. I’ll be sure to guard your desk and chair very carefully. Have a great trip!

35.) Best wishes on your trip!

36.) We are certain to the point that you will sack the agreement on this trip. Triumph and achievement are composed everywhere on your capacity suit! Bon journey.

37.) Have a good trip!

38.) Have a splendid trip, {PUT NAME}. I hope your trip goes successfully and you experience it to the fullest. Safe travels.

39.) “To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” —Freya Stark

40.) “Use your experiences and always keep moving forward and make this business journey effective! Travel Safe!”

41.) May God bless you and protect you from every evil eye. I wish you a good business trip, love.

42.) I am envious to such an extent that your business meeting is in Hawaii. Have a great time, nectar, however, be a decent spouse and spotlight on your work. Try not to gaze at the wonderful ladies on the radiant seashores. Bon voyage.

43.) Wishing you a good trip!

44.) Have an awesome trip, sweetheart! I’m going to miss you so much while you’re gone, so don’t forget me as you’re having fun.

45.) Sweetheart, I will miss you a lot. Don’t forget to bring gifts for me. I wish you a happy business trip.

46.) Wishing you a safe flight!

47.) We are so sure that you are going to bag the contract on this trip. Victory and success are written all over your power suit! Bon voyage.

48.) “We are so sure that you are going to bag the contract on this trip. Victory and success are written all over your power suit! Bon voyage.”

49.) “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” —Helen Keller

50.) Be careful over there! Just remember not to do anything that your mother or I wouldn’t do. Have fun on your trip!

51.) Have a great business trip, dear. Take care of yourself and try to eat on time.

52.) I hope you have a great time and don’t have so much fun over there that you decide not to come back. We love you so much! Have a great trip.

53.) “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” —Confucius

54.) Sir, May God bless you and save you from every danger. Wishing you a great business trip.

55.) If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.

56.) Safe journey, my dear!

57.) Have a nice trip!

58.) We all need to take a break and unwind once in a while. I’m glad you have done just that, buddy. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

This section provides you with a variety of happy journey wishes and happy journey quotes to any taste. Wish your friends a safe and exciting trip. You can share these congratulations messages, quotes, and wishes for holiday trips with your beloved and say take care and enjoy. For some people, it can be their first business trip; again, maybe it’s not their first time but an important one. If any of your close persons is going on a business trip, you should wish them good luck and a safe journey. Send them these business trip messages and wish them a successful journey.

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