40 Inspirational Quotes About Joy

inspirational quotes about joy
Inspirational quotes on joy. Love is a special ingredient that brings our daily life depth love life. We are stuck with locked hearts and minds without it. We will learn how to search, how to evolve and how to share. Take a peek at these happy joy quotes that will persuade you to add love to your list of core principles. True joy can sound like a transient feeling, however, you should hang on, even though you experience it just for a moment. The perfect 40 Happiness quotes about joy can be found in it. If there is just happiness in the universe, we will never grow to be brave and compassionate. Find happiness in life; the pure enjoyment of creation is ample pleasure.

Inspirational quotes about joy

1. “There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye; There is no fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by.” — William Cullen Bryant

2. “If you have nothing but love for your avocados, and you take joy in turning them into guacamole, all you need is someone to share it with.” — Jason Mraz

3. “When you are gestating, you feel full of life, you feel full of joy, you feel full of fantasy, of stories.” — Thalia

4. “I was overcome by the Holy Ghost one time, but in a Baptist way. I was six or seven, and I was saved. I just cried and cried. It was a joy!” — Beth Ditto

5. “When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.” — Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

6. “Our officials want nothing more than to be at the top of their professional game and make the correct call. That’s what they do; that’s their living, that’s their pride, that’s their joy. They don’t achieve that because they happen to be human.” — David Stern

7. “While few human challenges are greater than that of being good parents, few opportunities offer greater potential for joy. Surely, no more important work is to be done in this world than preparing our children to be God-fearing, happy, honorable, and productive.” — James E. Faust

8. “What joy and adventure the youngsters of today are missing as they sit indoors mucking about with computer games and videos!” — Brian Clough

9. “Most people jump for joy when WWE comes calling, and rightly so.” — Drew McIntyre

10. “As a father and grandfather, I have witnessed firsthand the joy of new life entering the world. I know the pain and apprehension that goes along with premature births and birth defects.” — Solomon Ortiz

Joy quotes about joy in the little things

11. “People have often asked me whether what I know about love has spoiled it for me. And I just simply say, ‘Hardly.’ You can know every single ingredient in a piece of chocolate cake, and then when you sit down and eat that cake, you can still feel that joy.” — Helen Fisher

12. “I believe we should spend less time worrying about the quantity of books children read and more time introducing them to quality books that will turn them on to the joy of reading and turn them into lifelong readers.” — James Patterson

13. “The gay bunting erects his white crest, and gives utterance to the joy he feels in the presence of his brooding mate; the willow grouse on the rock crows his challenge aloud; each floweret, chilled by the night air, expands its pure petals; the gentle breeze shakes from the blades of grass the heavy dewdrops.” — John James Audubon

14. “I was very young when ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ came out, but that kind of comedy and the spontaneity of her, I think it really deeply affected me within just the joy of performance.” — Sandra Oh

15. “I’m not really a runner. It does not bring me joy. The runner’s high thing – I have no idea about that! I especially hate it on a treadmill.” — Trisha Yearwood

16. “Be it jewel or toy, not the prize gives the joy, but the striving to win the prize.” — Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

17. “The blessing of my mother is that she is so interested, she is so bright, she never complains – the joy of the Lord just bubbles out of her. Anybody who’s in her presence is blessed to be there.” — Anne Graham Lotz

18. “We didn’t have any real proper school. We did not have a place to go to learn to dance and the joy of dancing.” — Debbie Reynolds

19. “I love working with different musicians in the studio, that’s a real joy working with someone for the first time.” — Bob Seger

20. “The loneliest, most down-on-his-luck person can have a dog who adores him. The most bitter, sour person can light up with joy when he sees his dog. It is magical, and as ‘The Dog Master’ reveals, it is biological – we evolved together.” — W. Bruce Cameron

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21. “The joy of doing well as a batsman for your country is much more than that little joy of going for a party and enjoying music. It is a completely different high, and I get high by performances. That’s what I enjoy now.” — Virat Kohli

22. “When I sing, I think mostly about the music. But I know that, through singing, my body shows everything that I am. I am a very passionate man and I suffer a lot and have a lot of joy also. In my opinion, it is very important for me to find this stimulus and motivation for singing.” — Andrea Bocelli

23. “Look for the joy in your life; it’s not always easy to find.” — Charles Kuralt

24. “As much as you love a sport, I don’t think love and joy necessarily go hand in hand. I think you can still be in love with the sport but just not happy with it.” — Katelyn Ohashi

25. “My entire college career has kind of been me stepping into my joy.” — Katelyn Ohashi

26. “Love is the fire that warms our lives with unparalleled joy and divine hope. Love should be our walk and our talk.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

27. “How do you make your kids read more? It needs to be presented as a joy and a privilege to get to do it, and the kids should get to see you as a parent reading for your own pleasure. It’s not something you send your kids off to do, ‘Go into your room and read for 15 minutes or else.’ It becomes a task then.” — Kate DiCamillo

28. “Geometry is moribund. I want a lilt and joy to art.” — Ellsworth Kelly

29. “When you treat yourself with the kindness and high regard that you would give to one of your spiritual heroes, your body becomes the epicenter of quiet joy rather than a battlefield for the ego.” — Debbie Ford

30. “Years after my parents made the United States their home, I had the joy of traveling to the Dominican Republic with my kids. They saw where it all started and how their grandparents’ values survived and thrived in America.” — Tom Perez

Inspirational quotes about joy to journey and love

31. “Whenever I get a call from the camps in Iraq that someone has been liberated, that so-and-so’s daughter was liberated, I feel overwhelming joy again.” — Nadia Murad

32. “Pleasant it is, when over a great sea the winds trouble the waters, to gaze from shore upon another’s great tribulation; not because any man’s troubles are a delectable joy, but because to perceive you are free of them yourself is pleasant.” — Lucretius

33. “When you’re in the day-to-day grind, it just seems like it’s another step along the way. But I find joy in the actual process, the journey, the work. It’s not the end. It’s not the end event.” — Cal Ripken, Jr.

34. “I started thinking about joy. Everything in our society is so purposeful. Let’s bring joy back to the experience.” — Sara Blakely

35. “I saw someone lose $100 million in one night. When you watch that, as an owner-operator of a game, you realize that these numbers are incredibly unsustainable, incredibly unhealthy. So, I was not happy about this loss. It brought me no joy or adrenaline.” — Molly Bloom

36. “As a little kid in a sometimes hard place, I went to the movies as often as I could. Movies – making them, seeing them – is not something that could ever lose its pleasure for me. That puts them on a shortlist of things that eternally give me joy – love, family, food, movies.” — Mike Nichols

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37. “Caretaking is different from caregiving. Caregiving has no second agendas or hidden motives. The care is given from love for the joy of giving without expectation, no strings attached. It cannot be manipulated or discouraged because love cannot be manipulated or discouraged.” — Gary Zukav

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38. “For 30 years I’ve been responsible for managing client money, and it’s been a joy, but at some point, I need to move on. Thirty years is enough.” — Stanley Druckenmiller

39. “Go find your joy. Whatever that is, go find your joy. Are you going to have a good day or are you going to have a great day? Because it’s completely up to you.” — Sandra Bullock

40. “To have joy in your heart, one must know how to appreciate the small things in life.” — Anonymous

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