42 Heart touching I Miss You Poems for Girlfriend

I Miss You Poems for Girlfriend: Are looking for poems about missing someone dear to you? Here we have listed 42 I miss you poems for you to read and share. Missing your girl too much? Share your feelings with words of poetry. Make your girlfriend feel special with these missing you poems Are you missing your girl a lot? Don’t bother digging up romantic quotes on the internet to justify your depressed state of mind to her. Say it uniquely, with a sweet poem that will warm her spirit. Allow your words to reverberate with isolation and heartbreak. Find the sweetest moments you have of her and weave them into a brief rhyme that will make her want to hold you.

i miss you poems for girlfriend

Read these missing you poems to reconnect with your inner charmer, whether you’re missing her because she’s moved to another place, gone abroad, or for no reason at all. Put it on a card, share it on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, text it, Twitter it, Instagram it, or scribble it on a pretty note. Let her know how much her boyfriend craves her hugs and kisses by doing whatever it takes. Missing You Poems for Her (I Miss You Poems for Her)

Being in a relationship consumes your whole life. You are now faced with a big hole in your life, whether your relationship has ended or your partner is away, in prison, or gone for a while. Poetry is an ideal way to cope with these debilitating emotions. It’s relaxing to share a poem with your lover or simply read poetry that expresses how much you miss them. Denial, frustration, negotiation, sadness, and acceptance are all part of the mourning process. Family and acquaintances can be very helpful. Taking as much time as you need For her loneliness, a poem called “Heartbreak Missing You”

I Miss You Poems for Girlfriend

1): Every minute I spent with you felt like a perfect dream.
It was the most vivid dream I’d ever had, more shining than a rainbow.
Your lovely voice is resonating in my head.
The most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard
No song by a Nightingale will match your glitzy sound.
Those blue eyes alighting
I’ve always loved to hold your hand as brightly as the stars in the sky.
Near to my heart, between my arms
My dream was to give you a big hug and listen to your heartbeat.

missing you poems

2): I’m already smelling you.
Your love brought my heart to live with the lovely charming
spell You taught me about love.
My entire heart bursts with grace once I see your face.
My life was like a long, cold night, and you were the only source of warmth.
My wish was to see your smile and stroll across this beautiful island with you.
You became the empress of my fantasy realms.
I’m not sure how to articulate my feelings in terms,
but if you leave me alone with a sense of spleen,
I’ll remember it was only a daydream……

3): Any time I start missing you and regret not being with you,
I try to console myself by telling myself that the worst is over,
but loneliness casts doom and darkness like a roaring and merciless storm no matter what I do.
It drains the pleasure from my life.
I’m not looking for much; just throw me a hug and feel my heart barely limping along.
Everything I need is your presence.
There are times that I believe I am hallucinating.
There are days where I feel betrayed and others when I feel vulnerable.
My smiles are often washed away by frowns.
I’m feeling lost, dazed, and perplexed.
It’s just as if you’ve had the flu all the time.
This is the current state of my soul.
I can’t believe how much I miss you.
Right now, my Facebook status reads, “I am depressed and lonely.”
Come back to me easily, says my most recent WhatsApp status.
My most recent tweets express how much I miss you.
I’d like your caring touch, according to my Google Plus update.
You know how I feel, and I know you’re reading this,
so why don’t you do the right thing, Baby, and come back and kiss me?

i miss you poems

4): The clouds have rolled up in front of us.
In the foreground of my life’s horizon
On the day you left,
You’ve only left me with strife.
A thunderstorm is approaching.
I can tell that and I’m so sad.
The only way to avoid this disaster is to act quickly.
I’d like to cuddle with you.

5): One, two, three
I’m missing you.
one, two, three
Do I make an impression on you?
three, four, five
Life is tedious.
four and five
I don’t feel like I’m alive.
Seventh and eighth grades
How long can you keep me waiting?
The ages of nine and ten
I’m begging some more.

i miss you poems for her long distance

6): It’s not a day, it’s not a week.
Not in a fortnight.
And a single second is excessive.
It’s for you to be out of my sight.
I’m just not aware.
What do I say or do?
Come back to me, baby.
I’m going insane without you.
I miss your poem for girlfriend written by my boyfriend.

7): Since you left, I’d be sad.
I’d figured it out from the beginning.
Many of my memories of you are positive.
In my heart, I’ve caught
Yet memories aren’t the same as they used to be.
As if I were holding you in my arms.
Baby, come back to me.
I’d like to entice you with my charms.
I’m feeling powerless and depressed.
Since you aren’t here,
My life will be incomplete without you, baby.
Is plummeting, plummeting, plummeting
I’m missing you.

8): I’ve been putting in long hours.
I’ve tried it several times.
However, I’ve suffered miserably.
What I find repulsive.
I’ve been working hard.
I’ve tried it out.
But I haven’t been successful.
Maybe I’m hallucinating.
I’ve tried my hand at it.
I’ve earned everything I’ve got.
Yet I can’t seem to get my mind off of you.
I still miss you, baby.

9): I can’t tell you how much I miss you.
It’s as if it’s about me.
You’ve conjured up a mystical spell.
Words are insufficient to express my emotions.
Anything irritates me when you’re not there.
I’m not sure how much longer I can keep going this way.
My heart only wishes for your embraces to depart.YEAH!

10): I’ve been missing your poem, and I’d like to see you again.
When you’re not with me, as horrible as life sounds, I can’t help but smile.
Imagining how it will be
When we are together again
When you give me those tugs and give me long and quiet embraces,
all my worries will disappear.
Oh, how I wish the moment would arrive earlier.
You have no idea how much I long to be with you and how much I miss you.

11): All of my selfies have turned out to be embarrassing.
It’s as if my grin has disappeared from my lips.
I’m unable to preserve a fa├žade; my smiles have disappeared.
And I feel exiled from my own life.
Things have gone awry, and I’m losing my mind.
Life isn’t the same without you.
I know I’m the only one to blame for all the ups and downs, all the hullabaloo,
but now I want to put everything right. I swear I’ll make up for it.
I understand your disappointment and disappointment, but please give me a chance to start.
I miss you.

12): I’m not sure how you’re doing.
Despite being hundreds of miles apart, I feel like a star in the sky fading away day by day.
It’s been far too long since we last met. Without you, life is meaningless to me.
All seems to be done, and I miss you.
How what if we’ve only just met? I’m already lonely.
My heart groans as though we’re just apart for a few hours.
Let’s start looking for opportunities to be together all of the time.
Do you hate me as much as I miss you?
I can’t stop thinking about your poetry for her. I can’t stop thinking about you.

13): I’m missing you now, as I was before, and I’ll continue to miss you until my heartaches.
It’s not because of me.
What will I do if I can’t seem to get away from you? I feel like a missing puppy.
Looking for the tender loving care
To put it another way, I just want you to hold me.

14): From the surface, I seem to be all macho and masculine, but on the inside,
I am a broken man.
From the inside out
Nothing seems to be different at first glance,
but through reflection, my life feels like a sad movie.
All seems grim without you, boy.
Please return soon; I’ve been really weak.
I’m missing you.

15): Your lover is yelling obscenities at you.
Bit by bit, his heart is cracking.
You haven’t seen him in a few days, which makes him unhappy in a variety of respects.
He would like you to give him a hug and a kiss.
Miss, I’m hoping you won’t let me down today, not tomorrow.

16): Hey, baby, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.
Hey, sweetheart, I’ve been missing your fiery presence.
Hey, boy, It’s been a while since I’ve seen your smile.
I’m missing your hug, angel.
I miss everything about you, and I’ll be expecting a lot of kisses when you return.
Loneliness poetry for girlfriend’s boyfriend alone to say I miss you.

17): I’m worried and lonely.
I’m sad and restless, frustrated and annoyed, and I’m losing out on happiness.
When we’re separated, I remember all of this and a lot more.
From a rich red to smoky charcoal, there’s a colour for everybody.
My heart’s colour has faded.
There’s a hole in my heart and I’m missing you.
Silent and excruciatingly agonising
It’s all or nothing when it comes to you, Baby.

18): Have you ever tried a cup of tea without any sugar?
Have you tried bread without butter before?
Have you ever had chips that weren’t made of fish?
This is something you should check out.
I sincerely wish for you to realise what my life has been like without you.
I feel incomplete and sad without you.
I’m missing you.

19): I long for you to return as I see other couples basking in the glory of marriage.
And you can only be yourself in my arms.
I’m irritated to no end.
I miss you when I see them together and that’s when I know you’re not here.
There are no restrictions.
I can’t tell you how much I miss you.
To describe the void,
Words fail me. I’m alone and shocked. I’m shattered and confused.
I’m paying a high price for staying away from you.
The only thing that brings me joy in this excruciating mess is the fact that being apart
from you is the worst tragedy of my life.
I’m fantasizing about your poetry girlfriend boyfriend.

20): Without rain, a tree withers and dies.
Like a caged pigeon, I’m stuck mercilessly.
Circling in a small bowl like a shark
As if he were a tiger, bound and enraged.
Under the scorching light, like a vine,
In a storm, it’s like a pool that’s drying up.
This is how I feel on the inside.
I get lost in your words while I’m thinking about you.
I’m missing you.

21): What should I do, baby?
I’m so far away from you.
I’m at a loss for words.
On these bleak days, I’m lost.
Without you by my side, I’d be lost.
Life seems to be a bumpy journey.
I haven’t seen you in a long time.
I’m not sure if I’ll make it.
Please, spare me from this quagmire.
My tension can only be relieved by your embraces.

22): The most dreadful day of my life
Is that when you go abroad?
I’ve been waiting for a long time.
Please return, I beg you.
Days have turned into months.
It’s been almost a year since we last spoke.
Just considering how long it’s been
I’m in tears just thinking about it.
I’m missing you.

23): Nothing appears to be enough these days.
Everything seems to be heaving and difficult.
And smiles are incomprehensible.
The haze in my eyes has thickened.
Nothing I do now seems to be enjoyable.
I’m always down and irritable.
That is because when you are not here,
Existence seems to be enslaved in shackles.
I’m missing you.

24): For her, a romantic poem about missing you
There is no one to call me late at night.
There was no one to give me a big embrace.
No one to stroke my brow
There was no one to say goodnight to until I went to bed.
There’s no one to throw me a surprise or two.
No one understands me as well as you.
No one can make me happy again.
There’s no one to shine a torch on my gloom.
I’m missing you.

25): The day you informed me of this
You’ll be back soon enough, I’m sure.
From there on, I realised that life was going to be different.
It was going to be difficult.
On the day you left,
I am beginning to fall apart.
When you say your final goodbyes
My heart has been in tears.
I’m missing you.

26): When every man in the world is in a bad mood,
To his sweetheart, he says, “I Miss You.”
He doesn’t mean that in the way you would think.
That is what I mean when we have been apart for a while.
Since I am now in this situation.
I’m crying for my love.
Feeling as if I’m drowning and suffering
The whole of hell just came crashing down from the sky.
I’m missing you.

27): I’m tired of Skype.
I’m too bored to type right now.
I’m tired of receiving letters.
It necessitates an excessive amount of time.
I’m no longer interested.
When it comes to posting photos on Pinterest,
I’m fed up with the commotion.
It takes a long time to attach on G Plus.
WhatsApp has irritated me.
Everything I need is for you to sit in my lap.
I’m missing you.
Yummy I miss your poem for girlfriend written by a boyfriend
who misses her terribly.

28): I miss your grin.
I miss hearing your speech.
If I had the opportunity to meet you, I would
I will be overjoyed.
Your lips are everything I miss.
Your kiss is everything I miss.
The effect it has
My life is full of joy.
I miss seeing your smile.
I’m losing your gaze.
I despised it as we
We said our goodbyes.
I’m missing you right now.
I have previously missed you.
Please return it.
My heart hurts.
I’m missing you.

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