50 Hurting Quotes To Express Hurt In Love, Life, Relationship

Hurting Quotes To Express Hurt In Love Life Relationship

Hurt quotes are an excellent way to purge your heart’s aching feelings. Read various hurt quotes and sayings to relieve the emotional burden and feel at ease.

Hurting Quotes And Sayings

1. Overthinking can create problems that should not be there in the first place. Try to avoid it at any cost.

2. Do not be afraid of hurt. Just do not make it your best friend. Let it be your enemy.

3. Hurt is an important factor in love. Love is not complete without hurt.

4. Love someone is not the hard part, being loved by the person you love is. And when they do not love you back, that is when the real test starts.

5. When you are sad and hurt, you want to hurt others as well. You want them to experience and suffer the same thing. But remember it will only make things worse.

6. It is true that when you are hurt, you understand the pain better. You understand how it all works. And you learn how to keep it from others.

7. Why does one-sided love hurt so much? It is because when you love someone, you hope. You start to expect things from another person. Hope and expectations have always hurt mankind.

8. It is hard, I know. But it is not permanent. Pain is temporary, it heals.

Love Hurt Quotes to Ease Your Pain

9. I loved you unconditionally. It was hurting me, but I still held onto it. But not I have had enough, I cannot let this pain consume me, and I cannot stop my life for something that I know I am never going to get. I am moving on.

10. Do not ever accept the pain. Do not think that this pain and hurt is here because you deserve it. Pain is something that will only stay if you let it.

11. Crying for him at 4 AM is not the way to live your life. No matter how hard it is, no matter how hurting it is, no matter how painful it is, you have to move on even if you still love him.

12. When you are hurt, one of two things happens. Either you become kindhearted or you want to see everyone as hurt as you are, or maybe even more.

13. I know you are hurting, I told you he is not the one for you. Now you are sitting here, with your broken heart in your chest. And I can hear it beating, and with every beat, it makes a crack in mine.

Feelings Hurt Quotes

14. You are considered a good person when you have a chance to hurt someone, someone who has hurt you before, someone you wanted revenge on, but you still choose not to and forgive them instead.

15. Love yourself, because you deserve it. No matter what others think about you, you do not deserve the hurt and the pain.

16. Hurting others can never give you satisfaction. By hurting others, you hurt yourself. Karma is famous for a reason. Following are some quotes about hurting others and how to deal with it. We hope you like them, so please share them with others.

17. If you think that hurting others can make you feel satisfied, then you are the most foolish person ever. Making others smile is the only way to feel better about yourself.

Love Hurts Quotes

18. You must be a magician because you turn everything into hurt and pain.

19. Hurting others will not only bring physical but mental damage that can’t be healed easily. Better think twice.

20. No one can hurt you if you will not let them. People only hurt other people when they see an opportunity, they only hurt you when they think they can.

21. This article is about hurt and the following are the quotes, sayings, and messages about hurt and hurting.

22. No, you are not the reason behind this pain, you are not the reason why I am hurting. It is all my fault, I was fool enough to love you and expect the same from you.

23. Pain is not permanent, but hurt can be. So stop hurting yourself.

24. Hurt is an uninvited guest, sent by soulless beings and hungry demons.

25. I do not get it. Why does a human hurt another human? He doesn’t gain anything in return, not even satisfaction. What is the purpose behind producing hurt and misery without any reason?

Quotes About Being Hurt

26. When you hurt yourself, you also hurt the people who love you. Stop hurting yourself, it will only make your life a living hell.

27. Hurting yourself is as bad as hurting others. And by hurting yourself I do not only mean hurting yourself physically, it can also be mentally. Following are some quotes, sayings, and messages about hurting yourself.

28. If people hurt you again and again, it means that you have a good heart, a pure heart. Everyone takes benefit of innocence. It makes me lose faith in humanity.

29. The reason why I keep my feelings to myself, is that I can’t explain them

Words Hurt Quotes To Help You Deal With Your Pain

30. It’s crazy right, to love someone who hurts you? You know what’s crazier? Thinking that someone who hurts you loves you.

31. The fact is that hurting people hurts people, and children raised with condemnation in whatever form it takes are hurting people. Period. Words matter. L.r. Knost wise

32. Your words are hurting me very badly; I can feel it inside my bones ~~ m.f. Moonzajer

33. When you’re hurt by someone you love, something happens… The chemistry of your insides is disrupted and you’re never quite the same. Your heart has a tick to it, a skip in beats. Now and then. Your stomach has a permanent knot in it for quite some time afterward. And your soul, well your soul takes quite the beating. It’s damaged and scarred, but it doesn’t mean you’re dead. And then someday, just out of the blue, when you’re least expecting it…you’ll feel a little better. Then a little better, and then all at once, you’ll feel whole again…. Jordan Sarah Weatherhead

34. Quotes bouquet: hurting someone with the truth is better than making them happy with the lie. -Adnan

35. I didn’t realize you could break your own heart by hurting someone else’s. (Mackenzie) – c.m. Seabrook wise

Quotes On Hurt Feelings

36. Whether it is you who is hurting or you are hurting someone, someone is suffering.

37. Love hurts. And we all know that. Not always, and not for everyone, but it does. Loving someone will be all you have got, and never getting that in return is the worst feeling ever. It hurts so bad, it takes away your will to live. Following are some quotes about the topic.

38. You wanted to hurt me, and you did. Are you happy now? You have lost someone who loves you and cares for you. And I have lost someone who never loved me and only hurt me. Tell me who is at a loss here?

39. I am hurting, you are right here with me, I can touch you, and I can feel you, and I can talk to you, but I am still hurting. Maybe it is because you do not mean it when you say I love you anymore. Maybe it is because I know you can never love me as much as I love you.

40. I know you are hurting, but you know what? I also know that you are strong and I know you can get through it. I believe in you.

Hurting Quotes For Him and For Her

41. Trust me, hurting yourself is not the answer.

42. Hurt, pain, and sorrow. You still want these burning feelings that are burning your soul away. Even the idea of losing these feelings makes you go insane.

43. Sometimes behaviors can hurt, sometimes love can and other times feelings of nothingness can hurt you.

44. Hurting yourself does not only mean cutting or physical pain. It also means hurting yourself mentally. Stop overthinking, it is the worst kind of pain.

Hurting Quotes

45. When you feel like hurting yourself, think about the thing you want the most and live for it.

46. Hurting is the indication of love when you want to be with someone and your heart hurts for him, that is when you know you are in love.

47. It hurts to watch your love, love someone else. It takes away your hopes, your dreams, and your wishes.

48. It is hard to stay put after getting hurt. But if you do it, you get immune to the pain.

49. Hurting others won’t give you any satisfaction and fulfillment in life, it will only give you a heavy burden inside that we don’t know how long you can carry.

50. The reason why I keep my feelings to myself, is that I can’t explain them

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