150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh

Looking for the perfect way to make your mom smile this Mother’s Day? Check out our collection of hilarious and heartwarming funny quotes for Mother’s Day! Funny Mother’s Day messages with quotes and sayings about moms and motherhood that will make you laugh! Plus funny card messages for Mother’s Day too! Hilarious Mother’s Day Quotes to Brighten Any Mama’s Day. These 150 Mother’s Day quotes will bring on the tears, laughs and everything in-between.

Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh

Funny Mothers Day Messages: Mothers are the most important women in society. They give us the joy of life, they encourage us to be healthy in the world and carry us into the world. So as one day out of the year that you want to show someone how much you care and how happy they make you, I recommend you give them a message that lets them know how you feel and a smile.

To allow the generation with great Mother’s Day wishes, this article has proved to be very beneficial. Use these formulas as a starting point to lead you to your concept. The card is going to make Mom feel like she’s in paradise!

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150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Hilarious

Funny Mothers Day Messages

#1. To my beloved mom, for the long time owner of my heart, soul, and wealth. Rather, in the past month, my salary is double, right? Thank you for being a mother who is so kind to her son.”

#2. Mother, like wine, you get so much more fun as time goes by.”

#3. Mothers know that kids look in the future with their own eyes.”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh happy mothers day funny

#4. Dear Mum, I love you very much. I sure love you a lot. But I also love you more if you give me a bigger allowance.”

#5. Enjoy your own Mother’s day celebration and note for some of it is all of your other moms.”

#6. For Mother’s Day I would like to send you the most wonderful gift; a daughter for a very beautiful mom!. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#7. Further, since I am quicker than you, and can get away from you so quickly, it would be convenient for me to do as I want. I love you too!”

#8. Mom, you hold a special spot in my heart like your PlayStation (video-gaming console) next to the TV.”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Mothers Day Wishes

#9. Mothers may forget a cesarean section is done when the infant is almost born.”

#10. Our God can’t be everywhere. So, he started up Moms.”

#11 To my most beloved mother! Just like it is not only that your blood-relations are the only ones that I have, it is not only because you are my mother that you are my favorite Happy Mother’s Day Everybody!”

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#12. Behind every/one of the GOOD BOY’S…There is a Wonderful Wife! Congratulations on being born, and Mother’s Day.”

#13. Yeah, you are the sort of parent who is a one-of-a-kind. I am thankful for you making me the luckiest in the world. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh | happy mothers day images, daughter funny mothers day messages, funny quotes funny mothers day messages

#14. Thanks, Mum, I studied the terms: “network,” “IP address,” “node” and “peer.” Since I said so, you acted (behaviors).”

#15. You did a fine job, mum! Yesterday, someone jumped off a bridge, BUT ONLY I WAS NOT IN IT.”

#16. Being a Mom is not easy work – if it were up to Dad. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#17. If it were not for your relentless and overwhelming hunting of your children’s whereabouts, you would have been an ideal Mum!”

Mothers Day Wishes

#18. Working mothers are superhumans who are highly alert, they do not need sleep, unlike average people.”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh happy mothers day | Mothers Day Wishes

#19. Mom, if you will let me give you all my money and worldly possessions, I will let you live with me when you are old.”

#20. Good discipline is the courage to tell the kid “Okay, stop doing that.” ‘Yeah, OK, yeah, hey, let’s do it,’ and let’s go for it all too! ”

#21. Thanks for getting me in such an environment where Mother’s Day cards can be submitted online instead of taking out the usual Mother’s Day present. I love you!”

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#22. I cannot imagine how proud you are that I remembered to give you a Mother’s Day card today, and I know you had a busy day. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#23. Dear Mum, you have always been an outstanding listener, so you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. You can do whatever I say since I said so!”

#24. Thank you for loving your loved one all these years. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#25. I believe you have the power to say what is a lie to catch me red-handed! I think you may have studied with the CIA to become a mum. You mask a keen ability in identifying deception and being able to spy on me. Your good (covert) mother’s day.”

#26. Thank you for your patience with us. We do love you!”

#27. Mom, I’m sending this to you from your very favorite kid.”

#28. Happy Mother’s Day, mum! Could not have done this without you…Literally!.”

#29. Happy Mother’s Day expressing thanks to the greatest role model in the world.”

#30. I love you to the moon and back… Thank you for educating and encouraging so many.”

#31. You are a great listener, a wonderful chef, the greatest friend I could ever get, and the best mother I could have ever expected. Happy Mother’s Day!.”

#32. Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful lady who does it all every day. Thanks for all the hard work you do.”

Good Mother’s Day Poem

#33. You taught me every single important thing, when to stand and when to fuck off! You taught me how to read and write, how to explain and introduce myself, and how to behave like a friendly person. You explained to me how to say please and thank you! Since politeness is the way, so, therefore, please, I am the only one who can help. Thanks a bunch! I’m kidding myself! Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Good Mothers Day Poem

#34. As a mother, you are one of the best. A mom who is stronger than the others is Mother’s Day weekend is all about spending time away from chores. Today was our last chance to get something else achieved, so I’ll write something sweet just for the sake of Mother’s Day.”

#35. Roses are crimson, Clorox is brown. Thank you for keeping things tidy. I really appreciate it.”

#36. For all the duties that you do For making our house so tidy For washing and changing diapers, For all the back and forth to classes, For changing diapers and spit-up and drool. There should be multiple Mother’s Days on the same day. You should have ample time to always be off and you will always have August over. Happy Mother’s Day to mum!.”

#37. Dear Mom…I am not an ‘artistic’ guy, but I think I am creative and clever. You liked my crafts and drawings as I enthusiastically showed them on all the fridge doors, but don’t you think it’s long enough now to let me have my finger paintings on the fridge?”

#38. Mom, you know me at my worst, my (weaknesses) and (follies), I know you’ve seen me crap my pants and cut the heads off (animal figurines) and (I know you have seen my most humiliating moments). You are aware of my most embarrassing moments, including the time I got stung by a bee. You know that I can be a nut, but what can I do to repay you … and make sure you keep your mouth shut!.”

#39. Moreover, today is Mother’s day, so you should be honored and I hope that you know that you’re the bomb!”

#40. You wipe my prints from off the walls, doors, and railings… But here is a print you’ll want to hold no matter what… It’s made for you this Mother’s Day!. (A Mother’s Day joke)”

#41. My Mom is my Cornerstone, I cannot go anywhere without her. She planted the seed that I built my life on, and that is the conviction that one’s desire to succeed doesn’t start in a how, but in a vision.”

Happy mothers day funny

#42. Thank you for giving your best to the team, taking my side when it’s needed, and being there in times of need. Thank you for sticking by my side. Thank you for being there to back me up. I hope that your hearts will take as much love as they can stand. I love you too!”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Happy mothers day funny quotes

#41. Since being a mother myself, I would have noticed all the small things that come along with raising kids. It is like being in a relationship that is complicated when there are kids to remember, and all the time a profession. You simply made it seem effortless. I am so happy you are an amazing person… Warm wishes and have a great Mother’s day.”

#42. Happy Mother’s Day, to the one I turn to when I need advice on something … Particularly when I need support!”

#43. Mom, this is your day worth living! And I appreciate how you feel because you can’t bear not being able to grasp the insane stuff that you need to read to create a piece of art like me.”

#44. I must admit without reservation on the occasion of Mother’s Day…Mom, you were right!”

#45. I was really fortunate to be given the “gift of you,” in which all my wishes and dreams have been made true. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#46. It was never my chance to be a mama’s son, instead, I was an only child…Happy Mother’s Day!”

#47. To be honest, you are actually my mother in law, an outsider could not handle me this long.”

#48. It is just one mother, and I am so grateful that she is. Oo, I’m joking! I love you too.”

#49. I am betting that you are an outstanding parent with maybe the two most beloved parents of all time!.”

#50. Much like Peanut butter, you are the one who is the “Binder”.”

#51. There is a sickness entering the blood, and you get it from your parents. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#52. It’s hard becoming a mum, making sure your kid is comfortable, being on schedule, getting plenty of sleep, making sure you don’t lose your patience, preparing delicious meals, not feeling so much pressure, don’t worry, we all know you are doing your best…”

#53. If who my father was, I would no longer have a father. If my mother was my father, I would have two fathers.”

#54. If evolution is real, then why does Mother’s just have two hands?”

#55. How do you make your mom feel like a VIP?”

#56. If you don’t get it from your youth, it comes from your parents. I am sorry, for my mad driving.”

#57. Children also will copy the behavior of their parents against any attempt to teach them proper etiquette, Happy percent Mother’s Day!.”

Mothers Day Wishes

#58. My mother is the most incredible lady in the world, and she is a very wonderful chef who has been wonderful in the kitchen for 25 years. She has never served an original meal.”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Happy mothers day wishes

#59. The FBI does greater non-linear studies on suspects than my mother’s mother or I do.”

#60. I’m sorry I stabbed you twice. When you were an egg…”

#61. Special mothers day presents for 6-year-old children.”

#62. I have grown to love our unwritten agreement that I am your favorite boy!”

#63. Mom is a heroine with the ability to feel what people are saying. Superheroes don’t wear capes but there are moments they bring a huge purse stocked with snacks. Happy Mother’s Day, mum! Will you want to eat something right now?”

#64. You raised me and have kept the world at arm’s length. You also helped the policeman protect all the people.”

#65. Women are preparing to get the best managers. I quit questioning and instead followed the other person’s lead.”

#66. The word “Mom” transformed backward is the word “mom”. Mom can turn upside down and have the same meaning, like “Wow, your room is actually clean.” You’d definitely flip if you could ever see my room actually tidy. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#67. I am heart-sore you really love me after all the insane stuff I have done.”

#68. So I wanted to get you something special this Mother’s Day, so I decided to give you some peace by staying out of your life.”

#69. Happy Mother’s Day!!!. I am very much appreciative of your devotion, you are the greatest!!”

#70. All my love from the luckiest girl, in reality around the globe.”

#71. I’m so honored to have you as my parent. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

Funny Mothers Day Greetings

#72. How can I convince my mother that I love her?”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Funny Mothers Day Greetings

#73. Happy Mother’s Day, mum! I promise today I will clean up this room… Maybe.”

#74. Mother’s Day is every day. When you have a kid that is so smart, you are lucky.”

#75. Happy Mother’s Day, mum! Without the contributions of you, we will not be here.”

#76. I will always prize your understanding and selfless act in taking care of me when I was traveling abroad, and I will always have a special place in my heart for you. Wanting the families a happy Mother’s Day.”

#77. Happy Mother’s Day, mum! Thank you for raising me into the man that I am today. I love you so much.”

#78. I am forever thankful to you who took care of me, and for the efforts and love, you gave me in the bad times, and for making me succeed… I owe it all to you.”

#79. Happy Mother’s Day, mum! You are an inspiration to all that a woman should be smart, beautiful, and strong.”

#80. Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest provider of treatment in the world! I will always recall the hours we spent, our culinary experiments, and the fun and joy!”

#81. Every day I feel like I am so lucky to call you my Mom. Enjoy Mother’s Day, you are entitled to it.”

#82. To show dad, I am a son willing to obey dad’s ways. It is hard to dream about life without you. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#83. Thank you for making our home, a loving, comfortable place. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

#84. Get a Happy Mother’s Day!. Thank you for all that you have done for us. So much money forever to pay back. So I hope this note will suffice.”

#85. Can your day be a soothing, happy one? You deserve to be treated like a queen, my lady.”

Happy mothers day wishes

#86. Happy Mother’s Day, mum! What mother should ask for more than the love and encouragement that you have always offered me?”

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh | Happy mother day quotes, Mothers day funny quotes, Mothers day quotes

#87. Your wisdom rescued me and led me in life. And I’m grateful to be able to call you a mother Since I love you, I wish you all the pleasure and best wishes for Mother’s Day.”

#88. What Do You Say To Mother On Mother’s Day?”

#89. Today is not just another day, it is the day I celebrate you as my mother and never want to forget. You have been a great mother and a wonderful grandma…Happy Mother’s Day to you.”

#90. I am glad that my mom is so amazing and can be such a positive influence on me. You’re indeed a present from Heaven, meaning it means a lot to me. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!”

I am sure parenting you tried your patience, so thank you for hanging in there with me when you did.

I am sorry to make you nuts sometimes, but I just did it because I really love you.

Mothers day quotes

When you are staring at another (your mother), you are looking at the purest form of love you would ever encounter. Of course, Benetto.

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Mothers day quotes

Mothers bind their children by glue, we claim. And though their faces cannot be seen, their hands and bodies are still bringing the family together. S. Gale (Now Nurse Gale).

In the mouths and in the hearts of little children who call their mothers “Mother”. He is William Makepeace Thackeray.

Though it is possible to gild pure gold, no one will make his mother more beautiful than Mother Teresa. Martin Luther King Jr.

Youth grows old; love wanes; the leaves of friendship die; a mother’s hidden dream survives it all. (William Shakespeare) Oliver Wendell Holmes is a really good blogger.

Childbirth is by far the greatest gamble in the world. That is the life force and it is the root of the vitality. There is an endless amount of hope in a person’s job like this. The actress Gilda Radner.

A mother is a figure that is described by no one else but that’s also not a human. She is the mother of all subsets. Cardinal José Mermillod.

When the mother reflects upon her infant, the child reads a glimpse of herself from the mother’s soft, caring, and strong touch. ‘ Adrienne Rich

In my view, there is no softness in a mother’s lap as velvet and no rose as lovely and no softness as a mother’s smile as a plain and flat (emotionless) description. Meet Archibald Thompson.

A mother’s devotion, all, is everything. Bringing a kid into the universe is a good thing. That is what shapes how they see the universe. When a mother sees her child in distress, she is capable of doing anything to save her child’s life. Mothers have discovered ways to lift cars off of their children and disassemble whole dynasties. A mother’s passion is the greatest form of energy known to man. James R. McGuire.

A mother is clothed within the power and grace of her spirit, never wavering from her convictions. When she talks, it appears as if she is intelligent and she speaks with compassion. Proverbs

Mothers day cards

A mother is a person who, seeing that there are only four pieces of pie for five people, makes a reckless, inconsiderate, nonsense-filled, self-centered, ill-advised declaration that she cared nothing for pie. Individual one, please.

150 Funny Mothers Day Messages That Will Make Mom Laugh Mothers day cards

Moms have a more compassionate disposition than we realize, not to mention those we don’t really know we have. Robert C. Brault.

When your mother needs it, make sure to let her know what you need. It is certainly a mere formality Whether or not you would like to do it does not matter. You’re going to be in trouble anyway. Erma Bombeck

I want my children to have the things that I could not afford for them. Then finally, I want to move in to live with them. Phyllis Diller is one of the speakers.

I feel so blessed to have a loving Mom like you! Happy Mother’s Day, mum!

We all love our mother, We all are lucky to be able to have her as our mom. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!

I love you and would like you to enjoy the happiest Mother’s Day.

Good mothering you! Thank you for every kind word and regular gestures of affection. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for having so much fun with us during the happy times and that you’re on our side during the difficult times. Happy Mother’s Day, mum!

Funny Mother’s Day Messages To Mom. Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day from a safe and appropriate social distance!

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